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Xbox Game Pass – Perks Not Showing Up Fix

There are many reports of members having problems with the perks page on the Xbox Game Pass on PC. Activating game perks requires you to have the Ultimate version of the Game Pass, so it’s not going to work if you only have the standard membership. Now let’s get to fixing the perks if you have confirmed that you have the Ultimate membership.

1. Claim the Perks on Game Pass Mobile App

Game Pass Perks page not loading

You can’t receive your perks on the Xbox app on PC if the perks page is not loading and displaying the following message:

“These Perks are ready to grab as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate memembership. Check back often – we’re always adding new stuff. Sorry, we’re having trouble showing Perks right now. Try again a little later.”

Switching to another PC device won’t help either. The only solution right now is to download the Xbox Game Pass mobile app. Download now for Android or Iphone. Once the app has been downloaded you need to log in with the same Microsoft account. Then click on your profile picture in the bottom of the app to see and claim the perks.

2. Wrong Account Details

There are reports of more perks showing up from users located in the USA. It is also a requirement to be 18+ for the perks page to show up on the Game Pass app. You can check or edit your account settings by going to the Microsoft Account Page. Then click on the “Your Info” button in the top left navigation bar.

3. Contact Microsoft or Wait

There is nothing else the user can do to fix the Perks page as it is an issue on Microsoft’s end. You can try and contact Microsoft to make them more aware of the issue by going to their support page.

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