Wreckfest – How to play with friends on Xbox gamepass

Wreckfest has recently been added to the Xbox gamepass. This brings in a lot of new players making multiplayer more alive. This guide will show you how to quickly be able to play with friends in Wreckfest.

Create a server

There are 2 ways to play together in Wreckfest. By finding a server in the server browser or by creating your own server. The first part of this guide will show you how to start a server.

1. Go to multiplayer

Wreckfest multiplayer block

First you have to go to the multiplayer tab in Wreckfest. This will take you to the next screen which allows you to create or find a server.

2. Create server

Wreckfest create a server block

If you are the one creating the server for your friend to join, go ahead and click on the create server block. Quick match will take you into a random match and server browser will allow you to browse other players servers.

3. Select server map and settings

Wreckfest server settings

This is where you select which track you are going to be driving on. You can also choose various game options. You can change lap rounds, max players, damage, server name, server password and much more.

4. Wait for friends to join

Wreckfest server menu

The server has now been created. So it’s time to get your friends into the lobby. Below is a short guide on how to join friends lobbies in Wreckfest.

How to join a friend in Wreckfest

Server browser in Wreckfest

It’s quite simple to join a friend in Wreckfest. First head into multiplayer like in step 1. Then go to the server browser. There are 3 tabs. Internet, Lan and Friends. Click on the friends tab to see your friends lobbies. This works both if it’s their private server but also if they are in a random lobby. So for this to work you will have to add each other as friends on the Xbox app.

That’s it! You should now be able to play with your friends in Wreckfest. Find the game on Steam.


  1. Surprise surprise Windows Store Wreckfest servers are not the same as in the Steam version

  2. Can’t get these to work? Friends can never find my server or vice-versa?!

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