Top 5 Best Mods for Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

This list will only contain modpacks, that will alter the gameplay in multiple ways including the story, units, maps and much more. The list is very limited and the mods are still in an early development stage, as the mod tools for Bannerlord was released not long ago.

Dont know how to install mods? Check how to install mods for bannerlord.

5. Tetsojin

Tetsojin modpack for bannerlord

Conquer Calradia by leading your newly founded samurai faction into war. This mod adds a samurai theme to Bannerlord.

List of new and improved features

  • Faction
  • Troop trees
  • Settlements

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4. Trial of the Seven Kingdom

Trial of the Seven kingdoms expansion

This mod turns the world of caldaria into Game of Thrones. It’s a complete overhaul, with a new map, new factions, new NPCS and much more. It also plans to add quests with a Game of Thrones theme.

List of new and improved features

  • Map
  • Factions and cultures
  • Troop trees
  • Quests
  • Campaign
  • Dragons

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3. Calradia Expanded

Calradia expanded modpack

This mod focuses on adding more towns and villages to the map of Calradia. It also relocates some of the current towns and villages to make better geographical sense.

List of new and improved features

  • 14 Towns
  • 8 Castles
  • 77 Villages
  • Relocated towns, castles and villages
  • Relocated resources

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2. Calradia at War

Calradia at War modpack spawns

Calradia at War is a mod that focuses on keeping the game vanilla while still adding a lot of new features and content. It also

List of new and improved features

  • 21+ new factions
  • AI
  • Dialogue
  • Rewards
  • Diplomacy
  • Troop trees
  • Campaign

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1. Eagle Rising – Dawn of an Empire

Eagle rising complete modpack

This mod is themed on the Ancient Calradia (Cultures from ancient rome, celts, greeks, etc..). It’s a mod with high ambitions and the developers focus on quality over quantity, so it doesn’t have many new features yet, but the ones that have been added are of high quality. Many updates will come in the future.

List of new and improved features

  • 3 new unique factions
    • The Imperium (Ancient Rome)
    • Battania (Celts)
    • Dryatics ( Dacians)
  • Armor and items
  • Armory system
  • Much more

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