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Rise of Kingdoms – How to Teleport Your City

It’s possible to move your city around in Rise of Kingdoms by using teleports. Most alliances requires their members to teleport over to their territory to assist with fighting and farming. This guide will show you how to use the various teleport items in the game.

How to use teleport in Rise of Kingdoms

Using a teleport to move your city in Rise of Kingdoms is a simple process.

Place the city with teleport
  1. Find the place you want to teleport (Typically near your alliance, which can be found by zooming out on the map).
  2. Open items (You have to zoom in on the map first).
  3. Go to the “other” tab.
  4. Select the teleport that you want to use and tap “Use”.
  5. Place your city in an open space.

Different Types of Teleport Items

Beginner’s Teleport

Everybody receives two beginner’s teleports when they start a new account. The item allows you to move your city anywhere in your current kingdom, or into the outer regions of a neighboring kingdom. The item will expire after 10 days, or when your city reaches level 8. The beginner’s teleport is the strongest teleport in the game, so be wise and use it before it expires.

Targeted Teleport

The targeted teleport can move your city to anywhere in your current region in the kingdom. Cost: 1,500 gems

Random Teleport

Teleports your city to a random location on the map. (Only in regions owned by the alliance.) Cost: 500 gems

Territorial Teleport

Teleports your city to a designated location in alliance territory on the map. (Can jump across regions) Cost: 750 gems

How to buy teleports

Teleports can be bought from the shop for full price. Alternatively they can be bought from the Mysterious Merchant and the VIP shop with great discounts. Can also be bought in the alliance shop for individual credits.

How to Teleport to Another Kingdom

You need a Beginner’s Teleport to jump kingdoms. This means you can’t be higher than level 7.

Step 1: Zoom out on the map

Step 2: Tap on the world icon

Rise of Kingdoms world map button

Step 3: Choose the kingdom you want to go to

Step 4: Tap the teleport button

Step 5: Fulfill the requirements

Tip: You have 2 beginner’s teleports so you can teleport to the outskirts of a new kingdom and then teleport to anywhere in the kingdom afterwards.

Teleport Not working

There are various reasons that your teleport might not work. Requirements before teleporting:

  • Cannot have war frenzy buff
  • Cannot be in battle
  • All troops in garrison
  • No reinforcements from allies in your city
  • No rally against your city

The area is blocked by an object

You need to teleport to an open area. It must not be blocked by other cities, deposits, barbarians and other obstructions. Tip: Deposits and barbarians can be cleared to open up space for a teleporting city.

The place is undiscovered

It’s not possible to teleport a city into the fog. Send scouts out to discover the area first to lift the fog and try again.

Please occupy all passes along the way or use a teleport to reach alliance territory directly

This error comes up if you don’t have permissions to teleport out of your current region. The kingdom is separated into different regions, and you can’t teleport across them under normal circumstances. There are a few ways to bypass this:

  • Use territorial teleport. This will teleport you to alliance territory anywhere in the kingdom Note: Your alliance needs to have a fortress to own territory.
  • Occupy the pass. If your alliance members are strong enough, they can take the mountain pass, which allows you to teleport inbetween those two regions. Note: Your region will have to be neighboring theirs.

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