Alliance text in Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms – How to Make Colored Alliance Text

Have you ever seen another alliance with a fancy description full of colors and different sized text in Rise of Kingdoms? This guide will show you how to easily create beautiful alliance text by using HTML tags and elements to change the color and size of the alliance text in the game.

Rise of Kingdoms HTML Tags

Not all HTML tags are allowed because they could potentially cause security issues or break the game. It’s only a few text markup tags that are allowed. It’s possible to use HTML markup in both the alliance description and in mails, but not in the Kingdom or Alliance chat. Below are all the working HTML tags in Rise of Kingdoms.

Font size

<size=50>Type your bigger text here</size>

Note: Edit “50” to any number you would like, to make your text smaller or bigger.

Colored text

<color="blue">Type your colored text here.</color> 

You can edit the color to any color you would like. Type color=”red”, or whichever other color you want. HTML also allows Hex color codes like #ff0000, which is a red color in hex format. Go to HTML Color Picker to find specific colors.

Text Emphasis

Bold text

<b>Bold text looks like this</b>

Italic text

<i>This is italic text</i>

Underline text

<u>This is underlined text</u>

How to Edit Alliance Text Color in Rise of Kingdoms

It’s a pretty straightforward process to add the fancy text to Rise of Kingdoms.

  1. Go to alliance settings

    Head over to the alliance page and then go to the settings menu on the left side of the screen, and tap on the settings button.

  2. Find out which design you want

    You can use the HTML code by itself, or add it together with multiple tags to make it even more different than the standard alliance description. For example you can add both color and text size on the same text.

  3. Edit announcement

    Add the html code and text so it looks how you want it. The following code makes a gradient colored text, so all the letters are different colors. The code template is in the bottom of the article if you want to copy it.
    Alliance annoucement text RoK

  4. Check your text

    As you can see, the “JOIN TODAY” text has a gradient. Allies is in green with the bold text format.
    gradient colored text in rok

Gradient template

“Join Today” text in gradient colors

<color=#17E0FF>J</color><color=#47BCFF>o</color><color=#7799FF>i</color><color=#A775FF>n</color> <color=#17E0FF>T</color><color=#47BCFF>o</color><color=#7799FF>d</color><color=#A775FF>a</color><color=#17E0FF>Y</color>

That’s it for this guide and now you should know how to make colored alliance text in Rise of Kingdoms.

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