Nobody Saves the World – Til Death Goo Us Part Quest

The slug is sad that his wife is dead. He wants you to raise his dead wife from down under but he only wants it done by a slug-mage though. Summon his wife to complete the “‘Til Death Goo Us Part” quest in Nobody Saves the World.

How to complete Til Death Goo Us Part quest

Step-by-step guide on how to reunite the slug and his wife.

  1. Unlock the Slug character

    The slug only wants his wife summoned by a slug-mage, so first thing you need to do is to unlock the slug character.

  2. Unlock the Necromancer

    Reach C-tier in Mermaid, Rogue and Ghost to unlock the Necromancer which has the spell we need to summon it’s wife.
    Necromancer transformation

  3. Reach D-tier on the Necromancer

    Unlock the “Summon Demon” spell by completing a few Necromancer quests.

  4. Equip the Summon Demon spell

    Transform into Slug form and equip the Summon Demon spell.
    Equip Summon Demon spell on slug

  5. Summon his wife

    Cast the spell on the grave that is right next to the slug. His wife will return and they will be reunited.

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