Secret corporation dungeon entrance

Nobody Saves the World – Secret Corporation Dungeon

The Secret Corporation dungeon must be completed to obtain one of the last two shards in the game. The entrance is protected by a gate with a security camera so you can’t get through without the password.

How to Enter Secret Corporation Dungeon

Step-by-step how to unlock the Secret Corporation gate

  1. Start the Corporate Espionage quest

    The quest can be initiated from an NPC near the dungeon.

  2. Reach the Golden Temple dungeon

    Golden temple dungeon pathway
    The path is blocked by a gate to the north, so you must follow the southern route instead.

  3. Complete the dungeon

    Inside the dungeon is a corporate scientist who knows the gate code. Reach the last room of the dungeon to find the scientist and obtain the code.

  4. Go back to the Secret Corp. gate

    Walk to the gate and provide the code for the security camera. The gate will open and you can unlock the Secret Corporation dungeon by spending 65 stars.

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