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Nobody Saves the World – Ratsbane: The One Punch Monk Quest

Ratsbane the Monk claims that he can destroy any rat in one blow. You need to survive a blow from Ratsbane to deny his theory, which is not as straight forward as you might think. To survive his blow you need to use logic and magic, not more health and armor.

How to survive a blow from Ratsbane, the One-Punch Monk

Step-by-step guide to survive the monks blow

  1. Unlock the egg

    Complete rat quests until you reach B-tier, to unlock the egg form

  2. Reach C-tier on the egg

    Find the first bird’s nest to level up the egg form. C-tier unlocks the Hardened Shell passive ability which is required to complete this quest. Nests are scattered all around the map – All nest locations.

  3. Unlock a passive slot

    After talking with the hammer found early in the game, you will unlock the first extra passive slot. This allows you to equip an extra passive ability from another form.

  4. Equip Hardened Shell passive

    Hardened shell passive ability
    The egg passive makes you unable to lose more than 1/3rd of your HP at once. This means that the monk can’t kill you in just one hit. To enable the passive you have to first turn into the Rat form and then go into the abilites page.

  5. Initiate the blow

    Lastly head over to the monk and prove his statement wrong.

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