Moletopia dungeon entrance

Nobody Saves the World – Moletopia Dungeon

Moletopia is a level 9 dungeon consisting of only neutral enemies. This makes it a great dungeon to farm character quests and levels, as you can stack the enemies together and kill them with aoe attacks. The dungeons entrance is blocked by a gate, so it has to be reached through a secret passage.

Dungeon Entrance

Step-by-step guide how to go to the Moletopia dungeon entrance

  1. Unlock a water character

    To reach the entrance of the dungeon you will have to go through the water.

  2. Swim to the other side

    dungeon water path
    Transform into your swimming character and head to the shore on the other side.

  3. Go down the stairs

    Once you arrive on the other side of the water, go to the stairs on the left. This will take you back to the other side through and underground passage below the water.

  4. Enter the dungeon

    Now that you are on the correct side of the fence, you can succesfully enter the dungeon. The fence can be permanently opened by pulling the lever.


Complete the dungeon

There is no special objective you need to do before you are able to complete the dungeon. Simply make your way through the enemies until you reach the boss room.


One of the Knights Guild quests can be completed inside the dungeon.

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