New League of Wizards

Nobody Saves the World – Long Distance Medicine Answers

List of all the correct answers for Octavia’s Assistant questions, to receive the cure for the Fish Mage’s curse. Complete the Long-distance Medicine quest to receive better status for the League of Wizards.

How to complete the Long-distance Medicine quest

Octavia’s Assistant requires you to answer 4 questions correctly to receive the cure.

  1. Ever since he became cursed, he’s felt…

    The correct answer here is “Slippery, like a bar of soap.”

  2. At night, he keeps having nightmares of…

    The correct answer here is “Being caught in a fishing net.”

  3. Every single day, he’s only able to eat…

    He’s only able to eat “Fish meal pellets.”

  4. Even his behaviour changed. He now enjoys spending time in…

    The answer is “The sea, schooling with other fish.”

  5. Return to the Fish Mage

    Now you need to return with the cure to the Fish Mage in the League of Wizards building

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