Thieves Guild house password

Nobody Saves the World – Join the Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild is hanging out in the password protected blue house. Engage with their leader inside the house to become a member of their guild. This guide will show you how to join the Thieves Guild in Nobody Saves the World.

How to join The Thieves Guild

There are a few prerequisites before you can join the guild

  1. Enter The Clank Dungeon

    Go inside the clank dungeon and complete the Knife Bro Rescue mission.

  2. Finish the dungeon

    When you leave the dungeon after killing the boss, a guild member will steal your stars and ask you to come to their guild house. He will also tell you the secret password.
    Get your stars back

  3. Go to the thieves guild house

    Go to the blue house and say the right password to enter.

  4. Talk to the guild leader

    The leader will return your stars and provide you the starter rank of Lesser Peon


To increase your rank in The Thieves Guild you need to complete their missions. Thieves Guild missions are green in the quest log. There are the following ranks:

Lesser Peon: Starting rank

Senior Peon: Complete 3 guild missions

Chief Peon: Complete 7 guild missions

Master Fraudster: Complete all guild missions

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