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Nobody Saves the World – Gorilla Warfare 2 Quest

To complete the Ultimate Ranger Challenge you need to hit almost 40 targets without missing a single one. This is practically impossible with just the basic signature attack unless you waste hours trying. There are a few tricks which will make the challenge a whole lot easier. It’s necessary to complete the Gorilla Warfare 2 quest before you can rank up to Knight in the Knights Guild.

How to Complete the Gorilla Warfare 2 Quest

Guide for the ultimate ranger quest

  1. Equip ranged spells

    Gorilla Warfare 2 Ultimate target challenge
    When the 5 targets arrive at the same time you can use an AoE ranged spell to destroy them all at once.
    Spells that can hit all 5 targets: Blob Lob (Slug), Tempest Barrage (Robot), Ravager Rocket (Robot).

  2. Equip passive abilities (Optional)

    You don’t have enough mana to hit all the targets with just spells, so you have to use the signature move on the single targets. There are some passive abilities in the game that will help with completing the challenge.
    Quick Charge (Turtle) – Charge time for abilities is reduced by X%.
    Quick Cooldown (Neutral) – Cooldowns are reduced by X sec.

  3. Start the challenge

    The challenge is still hard as you must not miss a single target. So start the challenge and try it out with the new spells and after a while you should be able to complete it.
    Tip: Use spells when there are many targets and signature attack when there are only few.

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