Fall In Love quest

Nobody Saves the World – Fall In Love Quest

When you complete the “Horse Mines” dungeon a new quest called Fall In Love will appear in your quest logs. Once you leave the dungeon you will find a horse with a quest marker above it, but you most likely haven’t been able to interact with it since you had to look up the quest on Google.

How to complete the Fall In Love quest

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Unlock the horse character

    To unlock the horse character you must first obtain the C-tier for the Guard character. Complete the guard missions and you will unlock the horse in no time.

  2. Transform into the horse

    Select the horse character in the transform screen. Transformation screen

  3. Leave the dungeon

    Exit the Horse Mines dungeon and find the horse with an exclamation mark above it.

  4. Interact with the horse

    Interact with the horse to engage a romantic sequence.

  5. Redeem the rewards

    Congratulations you have now engaged in romantic relationships with a horse. Go to the quest log to redeem the quest rewards.

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