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Nobody Saves the World – All Egg Nest Locations

The Egg is not like all the other characters in the game. The egg needs to be cozy under a big bird’s butt before it can level up. Reaching S tier with the egg also takes you one step close towards unlocking the Dragon character. This guide will show you how to find all the five egg nest locations in Nobody Saves the World.

Egg Locations

Nest #1

First Egg Nest location

Location: Royal Territories

The first nest is located South of the Horse Mines dungeon. For the quickest route to the nest you can transform into the egg or rat who can move through the small gap between the trees. To enter the nest you have to transform into the egg and move to the egg spot.

Nest #2

Rustrock Barrens egg nest location

Location: Rustrock Barren

The nest is located in the western part of the Rustrock Barren region. Go to the Ancient Robot dungeon and follow the dirt path until you reach the house in the west. Then enter the house and go through to the other side where the nest is located.

Nest #3

Damptonia egg nest location

Location: Damptonia

This nest is located in the south west of part of Damptonia. To get to the egg you first have to follow the dirt path to get close to the nest. Once you can’t get further by land you have to swim a little bit south in the water, and then all the way to the left. This will take you directly up to the bird’s nest.

Nest #4

Secret tail nest location

Location: Secret Tail

The nest is located in the eastern part of the Secret Tail region. To reach the nest you have to walk east until you reach the water edge and transform into a character that can swim. Then simply follow the river until you reach the nest.

Nest #5

Groundkeepers grounds egg location

Location: Groundkeeper’s Grounds

The nest is straight south from the Dark Nest dungeon. Walk through the trees and you will reach the last nest.

Congratulations! You have now successfully reached S-tier with your egg character. Unlock the Robot and Necromancer to reach the Dragon Character.

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