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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (Remastered) – How to move save to another device

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has recently gotten a remastered version. However, even though it has a lot of online content it features no cloud saving, which means you will have to start the game over if you change to another device or lose your local save file. This is a quick guide on how to move your Need for Speed Hot Pursuit save file onto a new device.

How to move your save in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered to another device

Time needed: 5 minutes.

This step-by-step guide will take you through the process of copying and moving your save file to another device. This only works for PC.

  1. Find the location of the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered save

    The games save file is located in your pc’s documents folder. Go to C:\Users\[YOUR COMPUTER NAME]\Documents\Criterion Games\.

  2. Copy the save files

    Now copy the entire folder, which is called Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit Remastered.
    To copy it, you can either press CTRL + C or right click and copy.copy need for speed save file

  3. (Optional 1) Move the file to a flash drive

    Now that the save file is copied we need to move it to our other PC. There are multiple ways to do that.
    The first way is to save it to a USB flash drive: Open the flash drive folder and paste the game files into it. To paste the files, you can either right click and paste or press CTRL + V.

  4. (Optional 2) Move file to a cloud storage service

    If you don’t have a flash drive don’t worry. You can upload the files to a cloud storage service. First go to Google Drive or another cloud service of your choice. Then drag and drop the folder directly into the website to upload it. (Don’t worry, the file size is very small.)Drag and drop on google drive

  5. Open the game to your new device

    You have to open the game on your new device so it will generate the same save folder, where we will later copy the new save files onto.

  6. Copy the files onto your new device

    Now it’s time to get the old save onto your new device. On your new device, find the files that you have copied onto either the cloud or a flash drive. Then download the files and copy (or just copy if they are on the flash drive).

  7. Replace your save

    Go to the same folder as in step 1. Then paste the new save files and click “replace files in the destination”.
    Note: It’s important that you are currently in the folder called Criterion Games, when you paste the files.Replace save files

Now that the save files have been replaced, you can open up the game. You should now have the same progress as you had on your old device.

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