How to Move Origin Games to Another Computer

If you have a slow internet connection it might be a good idea to manually transfer the games between your PC’s instead of redownloading them. This is a quick step-by-step guide on how to move Origin games to another computer on Windows 10.

How to Move Origin games to another computer by using a USB flash drive

The easiest solution to moving a game to another PC is by downloading it onto a flash drive and then moving it onto the new PC. However you need to locate the game through the Origin client to be able to play it.

  • Step 1. Locate your installed Origin game

    Origin games file location

    First thing you have to do is to find your game files. The default location for Origin games is C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games. Then right click the folder and click copy. Or use ctrl + v once the folder is highlighted. If you can’t find the folder worry not! You can open your Origin library and click on the game > settings > move game. This opens the folder for the location of the game.

  • Step 2. Copy files onto your USB Flash Drive

    USB flash drive location on Windows 10

    After the game folder is copied you have to open your USB flash drive folder. The folder can be found in the “This PC” section in file explorer.

    When you are in the flash drive folder right click and then paste. The game will now successfully be on your flash drive.

  • Step 3. Create a folder on the new computer

    Head over to your new computer and create a folder in the location that you want the game installed. For default location open file explorer and go to C:\Program Files (x86), then create a folder called “Origin Games” without the quotes.

    (Folder can be called anything and be located anywhere)

  • Step 4. Copy and paste files again

    Now you have to copy and paste the game files again on your new computer. Head into your flash drive where the game is installed. Then copy the folder using ctrl+c. Once the folder is copied go to the new folder you created in step 3. Then right click and paste the files. The game is now moved to your new PC but you can’t play it yet.

  • Step 5. Locate the game through Origin

    Locate game button

    The final step you have to do is to locate the game through the Origin client. Open your Origin client and head into “My Game Library”, then look for the game that you have just moved. Right click it > Locate game. This opens the file explorer. Look for the folder that you just created in step 3. Then highlight the folder and click “select folder”.


The game should now successfully have been moved to your new PC. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment field below.

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Can I transfer Origin games to another Origin account?

It’s not possible to transfer your games to another account as the games are locked to only one account.

Can I transfer Origin games to my Steam library

EA has moved much of their platform onto Steam but it’s currently not possible to transfer games between different platforms.

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