Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – How to Couch Lance

Couching your lance will allow you to deal significant damage with a single blow to an enemy. This page will teach you how to couch your lance in Bannerlord and when to use it.

Location of the find lance tag
Weapon tags in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

How to couch a lance

First of all, not any spear in the game has the ability to be couched. To find a lance that can be used you have to look for the “Couch Lance” tag. Tags can be seen when hovering over an item and they also include how the weapon is equipped (one-handed, two-handed or both). It might be quite hard to find a spear with the tag but some cheap ones can usually be found in the Khuzait territory towns.

Press X to couch lance in Bannerlord
Press the X key while riding

When you enter a battle with the lance equipped it will not automatically be couched. It is a special attack which only works when riding a horse. To use the attack you have to press the “X” key. Once it is enabled the lance is moved into the front of your character and will automatically hit the enemy that you ride into with the lance. Once the attack is completed the lance goes back to normal. There is also a small recharge time for the lance so it can’t be abused. You should accelerate to the highest speed possible to get the maximal damage onto your enemy. It can usually deal hundreds of damage so you should use the attack first on the stronger enemies to get them out of the picture.

When to use couched lance

The couched lance is an attack that can be quite hard to pull off as it needs a long distance to get enough speed for the damage. You also need to be very precise to hit your enemy or else it was a waste. Always use it in the beginning of the battle when riding towards your enemies lineup to get an easy first kill. Aim for a stronger unit when using the couched lance as it will most likely kill them instantly anyways.

When playing in close combat the couched lance is useless. Instead use normal attacks as they are way better for dealing damage at low speed speed. Otherwise you should swap the weapon out when fighting closely.

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