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How to enable console in CS:GO

If you don’t have console enabled in CS:GO you are missing out on a lot of useful and funny features that are hidden behind the console in the game. This guide will show you how to enable console in CS GO in less than 5 minutes.

Different methods to open the CS:GO console

There are 2 different methods to open the console in CS GO. The first and easiest is by activating it through the game. But it will reset if you reinstall the game or reset your game settings.

The other way is by setting a startup command on the game that will be saved forever. A reason I recommend the startup command is because you can add other startup commands while you are at it to remove the intro to the game to increase startup speed.

Method 1: Activate the console from in-game

The easiest way to enable the console in CS:GO is by doing it through the game itself.

Step 1: Open up Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Step 2: Head into the settings menu and then head into Keyboard / Mouse

Step 3: Scroll down until you see the “UI Keys” section.

Step 4: Click on the box next to “Toggle Console” and press the key that you want to use to open console.

We are almost there. Now the developer console is binded to a key but it’s still not activated.

Step 5: Go to the “Game” menu section next to Keyboard / Mouse

Step 6: Find “Enable Developer Console” near the top.

Step 7: Press the box saying NO and change it to YES

That’s it. You can now press the key that you binded in step 4 to open up the console. The console is useless on it’s own but you can find a list of useful and funny commands here.

Method 2: Activate console through setting a launch option command

There are plenty of benefits to opening the developer console through launch options. It will be enabled forever even if you buy a new PC and you can also enable some other launch option commands while you are at it.

Step 1: Open your Steam library and find CS:GO

Step 2: Right click the game and go to properties

Step 3: Click set launch options in the new window that just popped up

Step 4: Type -console in the input box and click OK

Step 5: Open the game and the console will be enabled. You still have to bind a button to console like in step 4 in Method 1. Otherwise you can’t open the console after you close it down. Then you would have to restart the game.

Video tutorial

You can also watch this 1-minute video on how to enable console.

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