How to activate a new SSD or HDD in Windows 10

You just installed a new SSD or HDD in your pc but you can’t seem find it anywhere in the file explorer? That is because you have to activate it first. This guide will guide you on how to activate your SSD or HDD on Windows 10.

Step-by-step guide on how to activate new SSD or HDD

Follow this easy guide to activate your new drive.

1. Open disc manager

Open disc manager

Search for disc manager in Windows search and open it.

2. Find your new harddrive

Find harddrive

Your new harddrive will have a black bar and say “unallocated”.

(Look for the drive that matches the size of your new harddrive. The size won’t be the full size but a little less.)

3. Create New Simple Volume

New Simple volume button

Now right click the box and click “New Simple Volume” on the pop-up. Then click continue.

4. Specify Volume Size

Specify Volume Size

Type in the size you want the new disk to be. You most likely want to use the maximum size. When you have decided a size click Next. (Maximum size is the size of your new drive.)

5. Assign driver letter or path

Assign driver letter or path

You have to assign a drive letter. Usually the main drive has the lower letter. But choose any letter you want, it doesn’t make a difference. Then click Next.

6. Format partition

Format partition

Use the default settings (in the image) if you want to use the drive for normal stuff. (installing programs or Windows, etc.) Then click next.


You are now all finished with activating your new drive. To check if it worked open your file explorer and go to “This PC”. If the new drive shows up it worked. Enjoy!

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