Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered game

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit – All Weapons Explained

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is a racing game where you can play either as a racer or an enforcer. Using equipment / weapons will give the player an advantage which might turn the whole race around. This guide will explain all the weapons in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (REMASTERED).

All the Weapons and equipment in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Weapons are a great mechanic to make a comeback if you are far behind or to gain an ever bigger advantage if you are ahead. All the weapons in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (REMASTERED) are the following:


  • EMP
  • Jammer
  • Turbo
  • Spike Strip


  • EMP
  • Roadblock
  • Helicopter
  • Spike Strip

How to use weapons

Following is a list of all the hotkeys for different equipment / weapons in the game.


  • J – EMP
  • L – Jammer/Roadblock
  • I – Turbo/Helicopter support
  • K – Spike Strips


  • Left d-pad – EMP
  • Right d-pad – Jammer/Roadblock
  • Up d-pad – Turbo/Helicopter support
  • Down d-pad – Spike Strips


  • Left d-pad – EMP
  • Right d-pad – Jammer/Roadblock
  • Up d-pad – Turbo/Helicopter support
  • Down d-pad – Spike Strips

How the weapons work and when to use them


Fires a directed electromagnetic pulse towards a target vehicle. Once the EMP is activated you are required to keep the target within range and sight. When a car gets hit by the EMP they will be damaged and temporarily disabled.

Use the EMP when there is a vehicle in front of you that you are not about to overtake. The EMP can especially be good near corners as it might force the targeted vehicle to crash.

Jammer (Racer)

When the jammer is activated it will disable all communication and weapons from the cops for a limited time. It will also show you the location of current roadblocks while active.

If a cop has targeted you with an EMP that you can’t escape from, you should use the jammer to cancel out their EMP. In multiplayer it can also be used against cops to confuse them regarding the map. Their map will be disabled so they might have a hard time noticing shortcuts.

Turbo (Racer)

Your acceleration and top speed will increase for a few seconds after the turbo is used.

There are various situations where turbo should be used. It can get you faster toward the other racers if you are behind, but it’s also a good equipment to make you lead by an even bigger margin. Be careful to use it if you are off-road or if there are many corners. It can be quite hard to maneuver.

Roadblock (cop)

Calling in the roadblock will set up a road block ahead of you. If the suspect is hit by the roadblock they will sustain heavy damage and be slowed down, giving you an advantage to move closer to them. The roadblock will have a small opening that both you and the racer can sneak through. It can be quite hard in some locations or at high speeds though.

The roadblock is best to call in if you are just behind the suspect. If they crash into it, you can drive into him to deal even more damage. There is even a chance that the suspect will be completely immobilized by the roadblock, which gives you the chance to bust him directly by locking him in between your car.

Helicopter (cop)

When a helicopter is called in they will attempt to track the suspect and try to stop them with force. The helicopters are equipped with spike strips which they will try and drop ahead of the suspect.

You should use the helicopter when the suspect is ahead of you.

Spike strip

Releases a lethal spike strip from the rear of your car. If another car drives over the spike strip their car will be heavily damaged and they will be temporarily immobilized.

The spike strips are a very situational equipment. Use the spike strip when you are directly in front of another car which is tailgating you. This will almost ensure a direct hit. If you are way ahead of your opponent, another good situation to use the spike strip are in places that has a limited space to get through. This could either be between a road block or at the exit of a shortcut.

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