Foundation – How to Get Estate Splendor Points

Unlocking estate upgrades allows you to get new buildings and features for your village. It’s necessary to unlock new estates if you want to progress towards the endgame. This is a guide on how to get estate splendor points and influence in Foundation.

How to get splendor points

Unlike influence points, you don’t passively earn splendor points from missions. Splendor points can only be earned by a fixed amount on each building and their upgrades.


Lord’s Manor

Lord manor splendor points in Foundation
Lord manor in Foundation

The lord manor is your only way to get splendor points in the early game in Foundation. The manor will give +1 splendor points and extensions and decorations will add a lot more to that.


Each market can be upgraded with a tent decorative which gives +2 splendor points for the labor estate.


Just like the lord manor, a tavern building will give you more splendor. Add additional extensions to the tavern to gain even more splendor points for the labor estate.


Foundation Fountain Masterpiece
Fountain Sculpture Masterpiece +50% (Nearby buildings maintenance cost reduced by 50%)

There are different masterpieces in the game that you will unlock through various events. Masterpieces can net you a huge amount of labor splendor. The fountain sculpture will increase your labor splendor by a lot and it has decorations that will increase it by +2 each.



Keep kingdom splendor points in Foundation
Wooden Keep which gives kingdom splendor

The keep is the only way to earn splendor points for the kingdom estate in the early game. The keep itself will increase your splendor points by 4, but extensions and decorations will give even more points.


You can unlock masterpieces which can net you a lot of splendor points for the kingdom estate.


Rustic Church

Rustic church splendor points
Rustic Church which gives splendor points

The rustic church is the first building you unlock which gives clergy splendor points. The base church will only give 2 splendor points but adding additional extensions and decorations will increase the amount of splendor gained.


The church is the second clergy building that is unlocked for the clergy estate. It can be unlocked after you have 20 commoners and 20 clergy splendor points. Like the rustic church, this church will also increase your splendor points, and additional building upgrades will increase it by even more.


The monastery is the last unlockable building from the clergy estate. A monastery works like churches in terms of gaining splendor points for the estate.


Just like the other estates, some masterpieces will give you a lot of clergy points.

How to get influence points

Foundation envoy mission rewards
Envoy mission rewards in Foundation

Influence points is the currency used within the estates of Foundation to buy various upgrades.

There are a number of different ways to earn influence points:

  • Assign bailiff to gain influence with an estate of your choice – 30 days and 5 influence points
  • Envoy missions to gain influence what an estate of your choice – 10 influence points + 200 coins
  • Monk missions to gain influence with an estate of your choice –
  • Complete missions for the clergy. The clergy will ask you to build a church. – 20 influence points

What are estate points used for?

Splendor points in Foundation allows you to unlock new buildings and features while splendor influence is the currency that allows you to buy those upgrades. Splendor points will unlock the following buildings and features:

Labor Unlockables

10 Newcomers and 0 splendor points

  • Warehouse
  • Bailiffs Office

20 serfs and 6 splendor points

  • Fisher’s Hut
  • Hedge
  • Builder’s workshop: Sculpture

20 Commoners and 20 splendor points

  • Lord Manor: Stone Set
  • Trade Bonus (With the labor only)
  • Tavern
  • Tavern Wall
  • Tavern: Stone Set

10 citizens and 50 splendor points

  • Tax Office

Kingdom Unlockables

10 serfs and 0 splendor points

  • Wooden Keep
  • Wooden Wall
  • Large Stone Wall

20 commoners and 15 splendor points

  • Hunter’s Hut
  • Wood Keep: Decorative
  • Weaponsmith

10 citizens and 40 splendor points

  • Trade Bonus (With the kingdom only)

Clergy Unlockables

10 serfs and 5 splendor points

  • Rustic Church: Additional Parts

20 commoners and 20 splendor points

  • Small Stone Wall
  • Church
  • Trade Bonus (With the clergy only)

10 citizens and 50 splendor points

  • Monastery
  • Monastery: Herb Garden
  • Monastery: Wine Garden
  • Monastery: Apiary
  • Builder’s Workshop: Stained Glass

10 monks and 100 splendor points

  • Monk Statue

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