Foundation – How to Recruit and Train Soldiers

Having strong soldiers will allow you to beat harder missions, which in return gives better loot. Before joining any missions in Foundation you should train up your soldiers at home and make them ready for combat. Once they have succeeded in their missions, there is a chance that you can level them up.

How to recruit soldiers

Build a keep

You need to build a keep before you can recruit soldiers. Go into your building menu and select the keep and place it. The keep costs 50 wooden planks and can be upgraded with decorations (Door, roof, banners etc…).

Assign villagers

recruiting a soldier in foundation
assigning a soldier in Foundation

Now it’s time to recruit the soldiers. Click on the keep and press the + button. You need an idle villager without a job to assign them as a soldier.

Expand the keep

expand a keep in foundation
Keep extensions

A keep has a base value of 6 rooms for soldiers. If you want to recruit more than 6 soldiers you need to expand the keep. You can do that by clicking the “edit building” button and building an extension by either side of the building. Then you need to head into the “parts list” and assign the room as “Dorms”. A dorm will increase the soldier capacity of up to 6. You can also choose treasure to increase your coins limit instead.

Soldier needs

Your soldiers also have needs like any other villagers. A basic soldier will need Water, Food, Comfort and Service. An upgraded soldier has even bigger requirements.

How to train and upgrade soldiers

Equipping your soldiers

Soldier equipment in foundation
Soldier equipment

Your soldiers need equipment to become stronger. Head into the army tab and then “soldiers” to equip a new weapon for them. You can craft weapons with the weaponsmith or buy them from trades with other cities.

Training your soldiers

Foundation trained soldiers
Soldier condition in Foundation

Your soldiers need to train at home first before they join a mission. To train your soldiers in Foundation you should place target dummies next to your keep to make them train their combat skills and gain experience. Place 1 target dummy per soldier you have assigned.

Sending soldiers on missions

Sending soldiers on missions in Foundation
Sending soldiers on missions

Once your soldier are maxed out in training you need to send them into battle to be able to level them up. Your king will periodically ask for your help in battles. When the king has asked for your help you can send your soldiers into missions. You should only send your troops if you are sure they will succeed in battle. Aim for an extreme success probability before sending them. When they return there is a chance that they will be upgradeable in the promotion period at the end of the month. An upgraded soldier will have more strength than a novice.

Upgrading soldier ranks

It’s free to upgrade soldiers, but remember higher level soldiers has much bigger happiness requirements. Soldier ranks are the following:

  • Novice
  • Soldier
  • Knight

Wounded soldiers

When a soldier is wounded they will be weak and almost useless in combat. You also shouldn’t send them back into battle as they will most likely just die in combat. Instead you should just wait for the wounded effect to expire. The only way to make the effect expire is by training the soldier on a target dummy. It takes approximately 6 months for the soldier to heal back up.

How to get better weapons for your soldiers

It’s possible to get even better equipment than swords for your troops. When your soldiers return from a “difficult” combat there is a chance they will return with spears which increases their strength by 2.5x more than swords. A fully trained level 1 recruit will have 4 strength with a sword and 10 strength with a spear.

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