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Foundation – How to Increase Happiness Modifiers

If you want your settlement to grow you need to make your villagers happy. Having happy villagers will increase immigration so you can get even more villagers. On the other side, if your villagers are very unhappy they might leave your settlement. This guide will show you how to increase happiness in Foundation.

How to increase happiness

In the beginning of the game, your villagers will only have basic needs. But when you your villagers are upgraded to serfs, commoners and citizens they get higher living expectations. Happiness ranges from 100% to -100%.


Make sure to place a well near your villagers house/workplace to ensure they don’t go thirsty.


Your villagers need food to survive. Make sure you have enough food out on the markets so your villagers can go there to buy something to eat. Higher status citizens will need more than just one kind of food. Place the markets near houses or workplaces and remember to add the food to the stall.


Serfs and higher status citizens will need comfort to stay happy. To give a villager comfort they need to have a roof over their head. So make sure that you have enough houses for all the villagers or they will become unhappy. Note that if your villagers live too far from their workplace they will lose comfort.


Commoners and citizens will become unhappy if they can’t buy goods. You need a goods stall instead of a food stall to start selling goods on the market. To get common clothes you need Tailor’s Workshop, which needs cloth that comes from wool. Remember to add the common clothes to your stall once you start making them.


Foundation church expansion
Expanding a church in Foundation

Serfs and higher will need a church to be happy. So make sure to build a church with enough room for all of your citizens. You can expand your church by editing the building and adding extensions.


Citizens wants to live the good life. They need luxury items to stay happy. To sell luxury goods to the villagers you need a Luxury Goods Stall from the market building.

Now go ahead and increase the happiness of all your villagers in Foundation!

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