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Foundation – How to Get Iron Ore

Iron ores is a necessity to progress further in the game. This quick guide will tell you how to get iron ore in Foundation which is used in the process of crafting other important items and goods.

How to get iron ore

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Step-by-step guide on how to start harvesting iron ores in Foundation.

  1. Locate the iron ore

    Before you can start the process of mining iron ore, you need to locate an iron deposit on the map. The iron deposit will be near a mountainous part of the map. It will look like stones, with a twist of orange/brown spots on it. You can click on it to confirm and see what kind of deposit it is. You can also use your bailiff to scout for deposits around the map. Foundation Iron ore deposit

  2. Buy the territory

    Before you can set up a quarry on the deposit you will have to buy the land. So go ahead and save up enough gold to unlock the territory.

  3. Build a quarry

    Now it’s time to build a quarry on the deposit so you can start mining the iron ores. Click on the deposit, then go to edit building. Now build the Iron Quarry on it and place a crane next to it. The ore will be moved to the crane when it has been mined by your workers. The total cost of 40 planks and 5 tools. Foundation iron ore quarry

  4. Assign workers

    Now that the quarry has been built and set up all you need to do is assign workers to the mining position. The quarry can hold a maximum of 2 workers at once. The quarry also has a chance of dropping gems, which are used to craft luxury items.

  5. (Optional) Place a warehouse next to the quarry

    It’s a great idea to place a warehouse holding iron ore’s next to your quarry in case the crane’s inventory reaches max capacity.

Other ways to get iron

The only way to get iron ore in Foundation is by setting up a quarry and start mining it. However, you can get iron bars directly by other means.

If you can’t manage to find an iron deposit worry not! It is possible to get iron bars directly by setting up a trade with the clergy. Iron bars cost 10 gold per unit.

You can also earn iron by going on missions with your soldiers. They will return with various goods if you have succeeded in battle. However, to get to this point of the game you will most likely already have been in a heavy need of iron.

What is iron ore used for?

Iron ore is useless on it’s own, but it can be crafted into various other goods. It is used in the process of creating Iron, which is used to craft the following items:

  • Cooperage (Barrels) – Iron, Planks, Tools
  • Weaponsmith (Swords) – Iron, Coal, Tools
  • Blacksmith (Tools) – Coal, Iron

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