Top 7 Best Sites to Earn Free Steam Games In 2021

If you want a new Steam game but are short on money worry not. There are plenty of methods to get free Steam Games from your browser. These methods include completing tasks for games or joining giveaways made by either developers or regular users. Some publishers like Epic Games and Humble Bundle also give away free games from time to time.

Different methods to get free steam games

There are many different ways to get new Steam games for free. However some ways are not legit and/or a scam. We have made a list of the best legit ways to get free Steam games:


  • Tasks for games This is in our opinion the best way to earn free games. Complete surveys, play browser games, do tasks, watch videos and much more to earn points that you can redeem for Steam games or wallet codes.
  • Giveaways – Some sites or developers will host big giveaways that send games to everybody and some other sites will host giveaways where only a few people win.
  • Torrents – Torrents is a direct way of downloading the game without going through tasks. However this is illegal in most countries so we can’t recommend this. (It is also impossible to add it to your real Steam library through illegal downloads.)


  • Invite for free wallet codes or games – Sites where you have to invite a lot of friends but do nothing else to get a free Steam Wallet code are a scam. After you have invited enough friends they will ask you to complete a survey (so they can earn money) and then they will send you a download link to an empty text file.
  • Steam key generator – Downloads or sites where you have to use your Steam log-in or information to generate free cd keys are also a phishing method. They will either steal your information or make you complete a survey without giving you a key that actually works.
  • Torrents – Some Steam game torrents will contain viruses that will install trojans, keyloggers and malicious stuff onto your PC.

Best sites to earn free Steam games by completing tasks

Sites where you complete tasks for games is a legit and legal way to get free Steam games. On these sites you will have to do tasks to earn points which can then be used to buy game codes through the site. Most of the sites also offer different rewards like Steam Wallet Codes, CSGO skins, Paypal and much more!

1. GameGleam

Earn free Steam games on GameGleam
Earn free Steam games on GameGleam

The first place goes to GameGleam as it is one of the most unique and rewarding sites out there. The design is simple and easy to navigate while also looking great. This makes the whole process much more comfortable. To buy games you need enough points but also a high enough level for the game. However as you earn the points you will most likely also earn enough XP to reach the required level. You can also write articles for them to receive a whole lot of points.

GameGleam stats:

  • Tasks – Daily log-in bonus, write articles, quests (play games), surveys, invite friends and various tasks.
  • Rewards – Steam games, Random steam keys, Steam Wallet codes, Paypal, Robux and much more!
  • Point value – Points don’t translate directly into $USD but 1000 points is roughly $3.
  • Other features – Giveaways.
  • Bonus – Use this link to receive a bonus when registering an account.

2. GameTame

Earn free Steam games with GameTame
Earn Steam games with GameTame!

This site is one of the first sites to offer free Steam games in exchange for tasks and it’s still doing a great job. They offer heavily discounted games that they have found on cheap sales so you might be lucky and find a great game for almost no points. They also offer unique rewards like CSGO and Dota 2 skins and also Steam trading cards. The bonus zone is a place where you get daily rewards for completing different milestones. They also offer a daily log-in bonus.

GameTame stats:

  • Tasks – Daily log-in bonus, milestones, surveys, invite friends, watch videos and various tasks.
  • Rewards – Discounted Steam games, CSGO and Dota 2 skins, Steam Wallet codes, Paypal and much more!
  • Point value – 1000 points = $1
  • Other features – Giveaways.
  • Bonus – Use this link to receive a bonus when registering an account.

3. Idle-Empire

Earn free rewards with Idle-empire
Earn free rewards with Idle-Empire

Idle-Empires is another great site to earn Steam games for free. It has a very sleek design and a lot of different tasks that you can complete to earn points. It also offers a huge variety of rewards.

Idle-Empire stats:

  • Tasks – Surveys, watch videos, invite friends, and various tasks. It also has a weekly leaderboard rewarding up to 300.000 points for 1st place.
  • Rewards – Steam games, Bitcoin, Steam Wallet, Paypal, WoW game time and much more!
  • Point value – 10000 points = $1
  • Other features – Giveaways, communities and leaderboards.
  • Bonus – Use this link to receive a bonus when registering an account.

4. PointsPrizes

Earn free steam wallet codes and gift cards with PointsPrizes
Earn free Steam Wallet codes or gift cards with PointsPrizes

PointsPrizes isn’t as heavily marketed towards gamers but it’s still an amazing site to earn free games. They don’t sell games directly but they offer wallet codes which you can then use to buy games on Steam. They also offer PayPal or cryptocurrency and many other gift cards for other services. There are also plenty of unique ways to earn points on their site like daily polls and many offer walls. They also have a mobile app so you can earn points on the go!

PointsPrizes stats:

  • Tasks – Surveys, daily polls, watch videos, hourly point giveaways on Discord, invite friends, and various other tasks.
  • Rewards – Steam Wallet, Gift cards, PayPal/cryptocurrency and Minecraft.
  • Point value – 150 points = $1 (There are discounts if you buy bigger gift cards)
  • Other features – Giveaways and Discord community.
  • Bonus – Use this link to receive a bonus when registering an account.

Get free Steam games from giveaways

If you don’t have the time or just don’t want to complete tasks another great way to get free Steam games is by joining Steam game giveaways. There are 3 kind of giveaways.

Giveaway types

  • User created giveaways – Usually happens on various forums.
  • Game developer/game publisher giveaways – Like Humble Bundle and Epic games
  • Direct giveaways from the developers – If you ask some smaller developers they might give you their game for free, especially if you want to review it

Following is a list of the best sites to get free Steam games from giveaways

1. reddit giveaways

There are many forums on reddit dedicated to giving away free Steam games. In most of the giveaways you just have to add a comment saying you want to participate and wait for a winner to be declared. We have created a list of the best subreddits to get games from.

  • – There are many giveaways hosted daily on this subreddit. Both by regular users but also by game developers who wants to promote their game.
  • – On here you are guaranteed to get free Steam games as most of the giveaways are posted by developers. Sometimes you have to complete a few tasks like following the developer on twitter, but afterwards you will instantly receive a key for the game.
  • – All giveaways on this subreddit are a 100% guarantee to get the game as only posts with free games for everyone are allowed. They also post free game findings if a game is made free for a limited time like on Epic Games launcher every week. Steam also sometimes make games free for a limited time to keep forever.

2. SteamGifts

SteamGifts free Steam game giveaways
SteamGifts giveaways

SteamGifts is a site dedicated to hosting game giveaways for free! They host more than a hundred user-created giveaways every single day. All you have to do is create an account on the site and then join all the current giveaways. Stick around on the website as new giveaways are created all the time, sometimes even entirely new AAA games are added. Some game developers also host big giveaways with more than 500 cd keys at a time.

3. game giveaways free Steam game giveaways

The giveaways on this website are not user-created but hosted by the owners of the website themselves. Here you are also guaranteed to get free Steam games but you need to download their browser add-on to complete a few easy tasks before receiving the game (Like following the developers social media and joining Steam groups).

Other ways to get free games

Now you know most of the ways to get free Steam games but there are also some other resources to get free games for your PC. We recommend:

  • EpicGames – They giveaway 1-2 free games every week and it’s usually good games. However it is not on Steam but the quality of the games are worth it. (They have given away GTA V, Star Wars Battlefront: 2, Tropico 5, Cities: Skylines, Football Manager 2020 and much more!)
  • HumbleBundle – They give away free games on their store once in a while.
  • SteamStore – Look out for the main page of the store as sometimes games are given for free once in a while.

That’s it for this article on some of the best ways to earn free Steam games directly from your browser! Enjoy your new Steam games and extended library.

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