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Dying Ligt 2 – Do What You Promised or Go to Center

When you assign the water tower to the Survivors you unlock the revolution quest. In this quest you will have to make an important decision between choosing “I’m going to do what I promised Alberto” or “I’m going to the center”.

Revolution quest context

Revolution quest important choice

You have succesfully blown up the windmill by manually placing a charge on the top. However, when you come back to Alberto’s hideout, he has been injured by some peacekeepers. After you kill the peacekeepers, Alberto tells his dying wish, which is to let his son know that he is proud of him and you promise to deliver the message. After stepping outside, Hakon calls on the radio telling you this is a fantastic opportunity to head to the center.

I’m going to do what I promised Alberto choice

Anderson fight in Dying Light 2

With this choice you head to the Bazaar to tell Vincenzo about his father. When you enter the Bazaar, you immediately see that it has been overrun by peacekeepers. After dealing with all the peacekeepers you rescue the survivors from captivity. After dealing with the prisoners, you will meet Anderson and her crew, who attacks you and starts a boss-battle. You also tell Vincenzo about what happened to his father and how much he was appreciated. Thereafter you head to Hakon’s hideout.

I’m going to the center choice

If you take this decision, then you head straight for Hakon’s hideout where he appreciates your decision. This means that you will skip the whole Bazaar story. Choose this decision only if you want to progress the game as quick as possible. There seems to be no extra events from this decision.

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