Weapon Modifications in dying light 2

Dying Light 2 – Weapon Modifications Guide

This guide explains the weapon modifications system in Dying Light 2. Weapon mods allows you to enhance your weapons with various strong effects, but not all weapons can apply mods. Higher quality weapons have higher quality sockets, which allows for a higher potential on the weapon.

How to get new weapon mods

craftmaster in the Bazaar in dying light 2

You unlock the first weapon mod by completing the side quest “The Spark of Invention”. This side quest is part of the main story line, when talking to people in the Bazaar during “The Only Way Out”. Once this quest has been completed you will unlock the Craftmaster in various locations. The Craftmaster sells blueprints for various types of weapon modifications. Progressing further in the storyline will unlock many more weapon mods at the Craftmasters.

You can also upgrade your mods by going to the craftmaster and paying with infected trophies.

Weapon sockets and mod types

Not all weapons in Dying Light 2 can be modified. They have to be rare or better quality to contain sockets where mods can be applied. Different sockets contain different mod types which have different mechanics in terms of activation and effect.

Weapon sockets

  • Artifact weapons (Yellow): Can have Tip, Shaft, Grip and Charm
  • Unique weapons (Purple): Can have Tip, Shaft and Charm
  • Rare weapons (Blue): Can have Tip, Shaft and Charm
  • Common weapons (Grey): None

Mod types

  • Crit mod: Activated on critical hits
  • Power mod: Activated by charging an attack
  • Blast mod: Charges over time. Activate manually.
  • Grip mod: Passive abilites that can increase weapon durability and damage.
  • Charm: Cosmetics for the weapon.

Elemental types

  • Shock: Deals damage to your target with a chance to chain to nearby enemies.
  • Fire: Applies a burning effect which can spread to nearby enemies.
  • Toxic: Causes the target to bend over for an easy vault attack.
  • Blast: Knocks enemies in front of you away.
  • Freeze: Immobilize a target.
  • Bleed: Deal damage over time.

How to apply modifications to a weapon in Dying Light 2

Step-by-step on how to apply weapon mods in Dying Light 2

  1. Buy a weapon modification

    Go to the craftmaster in a city and buy a weapon modification that you would like to use.

  2. Find a weapon that is rare or higher

    A weapon need to be of rare quality (blue) or higher to get mod sockets.Dying Light 2 unique weapon

  3. Modify weapon

    Click on the weapon and press “C” on PC, to go to the modify page.

  4. Gather materials (Optional)

    Crafting modifications requires craft parts. Go out in the world and gather the materials if you are short of them.

  5. Craft the mod

    Just because you own the blueprint for a mod doesn’t mean you have it available. Hold apply on the blueprint to craft it and place it on the weapon.

Note that the only way to repair durability is by applying mods to the weapon. So don’t abuse it on too many zombies, at least until you have the grip mod that increases durability.

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