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Dying Light 2 – How to Repair Weapons

The weapon repair system in Dying Light 2 is very unique compared to other games. You can’t keep repairing your weapon at a vendor, so the weapon will eventually break no matter what. There is however many ways to ensure that a weapon will have a long lifespan.

How to repair weapon durability in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Damaged weapon

Weapons will lose durability whenever you hit the infected. Once the durability hits 0, your weapon will be broken and deal almost no damage. It’s possible to repair your weapons durability in Dying Light 2 but it can only be done a few times on each weapon.

To repair a weapons durability you need to add a weapon modification to it. First go to your inventory and find the weapon you want repaired. Then click modify and apply a mod. This will restore 50 durability on the weapon.

It’s not possible to repair a weapon if it has no mod sockets, which is the case on grey and green weapons. Rare (blue) weapons does not always have a mod socket either. They will randomly get up to 2 socket slots. Note that you can’t remove a mod after installing it, so it is very limited how much durability you can restore.

Upgrading durability

Higher tier weapons usually have more base durability than common weapons so they will last longer. However this alone is not enough to make sure that the weapon will last for a long time. There is a mod for the grip socket called “Reinforcement” that lowers the durability loss when hitting infected.

How to get craft parts for repairing

vendor shop window in dying light 2

Mods requires crafting parts to apply them to a weapon. You can buy most parts from the vendors in towns, but they can also be looted on various locations around the map.

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