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Dying Light 2: How to Get the Hoverboard Easteregg

It’s possible to ride on a hoverboard in Dying Light 2, but there are a few prerequisites before you can get up on the board. The hoverboard is also quite limited as it can not be used in the open world but must be used in the specific parkour challenge. To unlock the hoverboard challenge you must first reach the Central Loop region, which is unlocked about half way through the main story.

How to Get the Hoverboard in Dying Light 2

1. Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle

Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle location on the map

The first part of the challenge is to head to the Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle and connect the power. Make your way to the top of the church and enter the belltower. There is a power supply box on near the top of the belltower, but it must be connected with the other box in the bottom of the tower. Carefully make your way down the belltower and take the cable from the supply box. With the cable in your hands you must get up to the other supply box again and connect them.

2. Radio Room

Radio room in the church

Climb further up the belltower until you reach an open window. There will be a radio in there which you must investigate to start a radio transmission. After the transmission is completed, you will see a hoverboard piece in the corner of the room that you must pick up.

Tip: There is a safe in the radio room and the passcode is 444 to unlock it.

3. Follow the trail

After the hoverboard piece has been picked up, the game will prompt you to use the survivor sense. There is a tail of red footprints that will lead you down to the streets and take you to the locations of the rest of the hoverboard pieces. You have to follow the footprints for a very long distance but alternatively you can go directly to the blueprints locations by heading to the locations below.

Location 1

The first blueprint is located on the bridge that is connecting Muddy Grounds and Saint Paul Island together. Walk to the middle of the bridge, and the blueprint will be on the side towards The Wharf region.

Location 2

Hoverboard challenge location

The last hoverboard piece is in the very edge of the west corner of the Muddy Grounds region. The hoverboard is located in the trunk of a blue car. Open the trunk and use the hoverboard to start the challenge. You can always come back to this location if you want to try the challenge again. The hoverboard controls are wonky and the challenge is almost impossible before it’s upgraded.

4. How to win the hoverboard parkour challenge?

Hoverboard parkour challenge

To win the hoverboard challenge you must go through all 23 checkpoints within 70 seconds and without hitting the mines. If the hoverboard is not upgraded it’s impossible to complete this challenge even for a bronze medal. To upgrade the hoverboard, you must actually upgrade the paraglider instead.


  • Bronze – 2:30 minutes. Rewards: 251 agility
  • Silver – 1:30 minutes: Rewards: 503 agility
  • Gold – 1:10 minutes. Rewards 1007 agility

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