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Dying Light 2 – Help Hakon or Leave Him to Die?

You are presented with the choices to either leave Hakon to die or help Hakon when he is shot in the chest by an arrow in Dying Light 2. As you help him with the arrow, you see the scar on his chest and realize that he is the one who killed Lucas, the leader of the peacekeepers. This will leave you with the choices to either . No matter which choice you pick he will survive this scenario and be encountered later in the storyline.

Help Hakon Choice

help hakon or leave him to die choices

After agreeing to help Hakon you receive the “Sniper’s Alley” side quest where you have to locate and reach the sniper that is attacking you. The sniper will keep shooting at you until you reach them. Then you see that it’s a girl you haven’t encountered before and she knock you down and escapes. Note that you need to complete the side quest before you can continue with the main storyline. This choice will give the most extra content later in the story, where you can decide to either save Hakon or kill him.

Leave Hakon to die choice

Picking this choice will skip the Sniper’s Alley side quest and take you directly to the main story, “Let’s Waltz!”. You are going to encounter Hakon much later in the story, where you are forced to fight and kill him. This doesn’t give the possibility to talk Lawan out of killing Hakon like the first choice does.

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