How To Use the Overwatch Feature in Dota 2

Valve has recently added the popular Overwatch system into Dota 2. It’s coming from CS:GO which has had great success with it for years. It allows the community to review games with toxic behavior or cheats to give Valve a hand in getting rid of game ruiners, cheaters and other violators.

What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a tool that allows the Dota 2 community to review other players behaviors in addition to the normal report system. It originates from Valve’s other game Counter Strike: Global offensive. The Overwatch reviewers will get to watch a replay to see if the reported user is doing any violations. It’s also now possible to report players directly from the leaderboard or by selecting the report flag on their hero border in-game. Placing a report flag will allow the Overwatch reviewers to know what to look for with a timestamp. You can use the report button more than once to let them know what to look out for.

How to put a player up for review

In-game report sytem

To put a player up for review you have to report them while in-game. It has to be a gameplay report as communication abuse is still punished automatically. To report for communication abuse you have to wait until the game is finished.

When a player is griefing the game in one way or another you have to click the red flag button next to their name in the scoreboard. This will open the report menu, which will give you these different options.

Report reasons

  • Ability abuse
  • Feeding
  • Suspicious Movement/Casts
  • Scripting/Hacking
  • Griefing

You also have to select the time of the infringement to make the whole process easier for the reviewer so he knows what to look out for.

How to review Overwatch cases in Dota 2

There are some requirements before you can start reviewing Overwatch cases in Dota 2.


  • High behaviour score
  • Minimum MMR threshold (unknown)
  • Be randomly selected
Dota 2 Overwatch review screen
Dota 2 Overwatch Review Screen

If you don’t have the Overwatch button under your profile on the main screen it means you haven’t been selected for the program. All you can do is wait and if your behavior score is not high enough you will have to increase that too.

Once you are selected for the Overwatch program a button will appear under your profile avatar. It will take you to the review case screen which allows you to download the replay and watch it. When you are watching the replay you have to look out for players ruining the match by griefing and so on. When you feel you are ready to place a verdict you have to click ready and select if there was any violations.

Remember – It is important to not make false claims in your reports as it will get you removed from the Overwatch community program.

More can be read about the new update on Dota 2’s blog.

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  1. overwatch reviewer are injustice for me doing farming to win in the game dota 2. Is farming in game and win it should be place in low prio? this is injustice. i not doing any toxic behavior this is how I play to win my game.

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