Dota 2 – How to Enable the Developer Console

The developer console in Dota 2 is used to activate various commands both for custom lobbies but also basic commands. This guide will show you how to easily enable the developer console in Dota 2.

Enable console through startup command

The best way to enable the console is by setting a startup command directly from the Steam library.

1. Open game properties and set launch options

Dota 2 launch option input
Dota 2 launch options

First go to your Steam library. Then right click on Dota 2 and go to properties. Then head into the “General” tab in the left menu. Click on the input field under “Launch Option”. Type -console to enable console for your game on startup.

Tip: You can also add the command -novid while your are at it to remove the intro screen when starting up the game.

2. Open the game and go to settings

Dota 2 settings button

Now it’s time to open the game and set a keybind to actually open the console. The first step only enabled the console on the backend. When Dota 2 is open head into settings. The button is in the top left corner.

3. Set a key to open console

Dota 2 keybind settings.

Now go into the “Hotkeys” tab in the top. Then click “To advanced hotkeys” in the bottom of the settings menu. This will take you to the more advanced hotkeys settings. Look for the place saying “Interface” and find the key bind for console. Click on the empty box and then press whichever button you want to use to open the console.

4. Open the console

Dota 2 open console

The developer console is now active and you have set a key to open it. Press whichever key you binded and it will open up the console interface. The console can now be used to add various commands and settings to the game.

That’s it for this guide on how to enable developer console in Dota 2. A list of useful commands can be found here.

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