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Dota 2 – How to Create a Custom Hero Build

Everyone can create a custom hero build and publish it to the Dota 2 Steam community. The process of doing this has been made a whole lot easier. It’s now possible to publish a hero build directly through the game instead of having to go through the ancient Dota 2 website. This is an easy step-by-step guide on how to create a custom hero build in Dota 2.

How to create a hero build in Dota 2

1. Open Dota 2 and go to Guides

Dota 2 main menu directions for guides
Dota 2 menu directions

First thing you have to do is open your Dota 2 client. Then head into the “Heroes” tab in the top menu. Thereafter click on Guides in the sub-menu. This will take you to the guide screen where you can see other user-created guides that you might even be using while playing.

2. Choose who you want to create a hero guide for

Dota 2 create a hero guide buttons

Now it’s time to choose the hero which you want to create a guide for. First click on the “Create” button to open the hero menu. Then choose the hero and click “OK”.

Tip: You can see other hero guides created by other users in the left side. This is great for inspiration for your own guide, but don’t copy it directly as it will add no valuable content.

3. Basics for creating a guide

Guide creation role and name

It’s now time to make the actual guide. Start out by adding the basics. Which lane is the guide made for?

  • Core – This is both for position 1 and 2 (mid and safelane) so I recommend adding somewhere in the guide which lane the guide is made for.
  • Offlane – Position 3. Only for the offlane, not position 4 (Support).
  • Support – Can be both position 4 and 5. I recommend making specific guides for each position.
  • Jungle – Not very specific as jungle is not in the current meta.
  • Initiator – Not very specific as initiator will still need to be offlane or roamer etc. I recommend using the specific lane positions instead.
  • Roamer – Usually for the position 4 (Soft Support) which might want to roam around the map helping the team in various ways.

I recommend only selecting core, offlane, support or roamer as the other 2 options are not very specific. You should also create a catchy guide name if you want people to find your guide if you are an unknown player. It could be something unique about your guide.

The overview tab can be used for a short description of your guide or advertisements of your discord/

4. Adding items

Add items to item build

A good way to start out is by adding items to the build. Go to the items tab and select the items.

The default layout for items

  • Starting items – The items you buy in fountain at the beginning of the game. Tip: You start with 600 gold
  • Early game – Important small items that should be finished while on the lane.
  • Core items – Big and small items that you will almost always need to buy on the hero throughout the game.
  • Situational items – Items that are not usually bought on the hero in a normal game but might be good in certain situations.

I recommend using this layout and adding a few extra headings if you need them. Like the “Late Game” heading. But it’s recommended to keep your guide simple and easy to follow. ALWAYS keep the starting items tab. If you are lost on what items to add, you can go back to the main guides menu and check the other guides for inspiration.

Tip: You can also add descriptions to each item to inform your users about pros and cons and much more!

5. Choosing abilities

Choose hero skill build
Dota 2 skill build

Choose the recommended skill build for the hero. The skill build is situational compared to the game so this just a small direction for the user. Click on the small squares to select which skills to level up first. The first square is the first skill and second square is the second skill and so on. Remember to add the talents to the skill sequence so the guide user don’t get misdirected.

It’s also possible to add comments to each skill and talent tree. I recommend doing this as the skill build is mainly made to point in the right direction but not actually a sequence that should be used in the exact same way each game. You should also add situations for your talent trees to tell the user the pros and cons in different games.

6. Neutral items (Optional)

Adding neutral items to hero build
Neutral items for Bounty Hunter

Adding neutral items is not usually necessary. However it can be a great indicator for which neutrals are best. If you want to add neutral items I recommend adding a new group called “Neutral items” or something similar. Add all the best neutral items for the hero in this new group.

7. Publish the hero guide (Optional)

Publish your dota 2 hero guide to steam workshop

When the guide is finished click on the “Save” button. This will send you back to the main screen for hero guides. Then click “My Guides” and click on the guide that you just created. Now click the publish button in the bottom right. The guide will now be published on the Steam Workshop and Dota 2 players can start finding your guide and use, rate and comment it.

That’s it for this guide on how to create a custom hero skill build in Dota 2. Enjoy!

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