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Curse of the Dead Gods – Beginners Guide

This is a beginners guide for Curse of the Dead God, which is a newly released rogue-lite game. Learn a lot of tips and tricks aimed at newer players for the game. We will take you through the basic mechanics of the game but also some of the more advanced ones.

General Tips

Curse of the Dead Gods area map

What is the game about?

Curse of the Dead God is a rogue-lite game where you fight your way through a lot of enemies and will be obtaining stronger gear and better stats by either finding it, using gold or taking corruption damage. You will get a randomly generated area map each time you try to beat a level. To win you need to finish off the last boss. The further in the main story you get, the more bosses you will have to fight off before you can get to battle the final boss.

Basic Tips

Remember to turn on the braziers with your torch – Unless you are going dark build. Fighting in the dark will increase the damage you take by 50%!

If you are stuck, you should focus on learning the enemies attack sequences and upgrade your blessings and weapons in the main hall. You can also try experimenting with new builds.

Adapt your playstyle

You will be met with a lot of different and difficult situations in the game which means you will have to adapt your playstyle often. Most of those situations are caused by RNG. The gear and curses you get will be randomized, as will the rooms.

If you have an unlucky start with bad gear, you should go for the weapons area (2 red swords). This will allow you to obtain a new weapon which most likely will be a lot better than your current one. When you are satisfied with your gear you can enter the upgrade room (grey sword) to level up your weapon.


There are many different playstyles, but I like to go for attributes early on. Some early points in perception (green) will allow you to earn a lot more gold throughout the game so you can play more greedy and go for more expensive rooms, like the weapon upgrades. Tip: in the late game it’s not worth it to buy perception as it will cost more than you are going to earn from it. Only buy it in the late game if you have equipment that scales with it.

If you are in need of gold and don’t want to risk the corruption damage, you might want to go for the gold room instead. There is nothing to spend your gold on in that room and you will earn a lot more gold compared to other rooms.

Before entering a new room, consider the whole path. Sometimes it’s not worth it to enter one good room and lock 5 other good rooms in exchange.


Relics can be great, but note that you can have a maximum of 6 relics on at a time (5 with the Divine Pact curse). So consider offering a relic to the gods if it doesn’t fit your current playstyle or it has a great offering reward. (Usually stats or HP if you are at low health.)

It’s often not worth it to enter a relics room if you are already on maximum amount of relics

You can choose which relics you swap out. Look both at the stats and effects.


Curse of the Dead Gods upgrade tree

There are 4 different kinds of upgrades you can buy from the main hall.

  • Blessings
  • Forsaken Weaponry
  • Weapon Altars
  • Divine Favors

You can have a maximum of 3 blessings on at a time. I recommend finding a playstyle that fits you and buy 3 blessings as fast as possible. You won’t need more than those 3 anyways.

After buying your blessing you should spend your skulls on the weapon altars, which gives much better items in the start of each run. Each restored altar gives 1 extra set of random items to choose from before starting each run. The other altars will increase your chance of getting better items in those sets.

The forsaken weaponry restores different weapons which makes you able to find them in your next run. Look for weapons that you might like and restore them.

Divine favors are not that important which is why you should upgrade them last. Take 1 or 2 points in it early as it costs basically nothing anyways. The divine favors allows you to reroll the shop one time each run.


Keep up your greed-streak as it will allow you to earn a lot more gold than usual. The greed streak will break if you are attacked or if you don’t attack an enemy for around 5 seconds. If possible, try and pull all the enemies together before you start fighting them to get a higher greed-streak.

You can weaken and stun your enemies by parrying their attacks. This will allow you to kill them fast as they can’t attack back and they will take 50% more damage when weakened.

It’s possible to interrupt enemies attacks or protection in various ways. Charged attacks of whips and shields, off-hand pistol combos, combo finishers of daggers and spears or by attacking with a two-handed weapon.

Keep at least 1 stamina up at all times, so you can dodge an enemy attack. If you use it all up, you will most likely end up getting hit by an enemy. This is especially important when fighting bosses.

Use the environment for your advantage by activating traps to kill grouped up enemies. Be careful not to force your enemies to attack the traps as the traps will get destroyed.


Curse of the Dead Gods Remove curse

Curses vary a lot in terms of damage (or improvement) towards your gameplay. Some curses will even help you if you are using the right playstyle. Generally most curses are bad and will make it a little bit thougher to get through a round.

Be careful of reaching the 5th curse as they can be brutal. You will most likely lose within the next round if it gets that far out of hand. Keep in mind that you don’t always need to buy something when you shop at an altar. If you don’t have enough gold and the corruption is starting to look bad, you better just leave and go to the next room.

Example of a situationally good curse

Keen Bow in Curse of the Dead Gods

The Cadaverous Infestation curse allows regular enemies to spawn bats when they die. The Keen Bow deals 50% more damage for each enemy that is hit. This makes it very easy to get 5 bats in front of you and deal 250% increased damage to the real enemy in the back.

That’s it for this beginners guide on Curse of the Dead God. Good luck! Buy Curse of the Dead Gods at Steam.

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