CSGO Useful Commands

CSGO – Useful Console Commands

Using the developer console is a strong way to boost your game in various ways. It allows you to show detailed stats, increase your FPS, tweak your crosshair and many other settings. This is a guide showing some of the most useful CSGO commands.

We have a quick guide if you don’t know how to enable console.

Basic CSGO commands

csgo commands net_graph 1

This is a list of some of the most popular CSGO commands. Many of them is a must for a great user experience in CSGO.

net_graph 1 – This command will show detailed technical stats like your current FPS and ping.

novid – Turns off the intro screen saving you seconds of time every time you open up the game.

cl_righthand 1 – Changes which hand your weapon is in. This command doesn’t add a benefit to the game but is about preference. Use cl_righthand 0 to revert.

fps_max 0 – Removes the FPS restriction that the game has set. This allows you to use your PC’s full potential.

cl_hud_color – Use this command to change the color of your in-game HUD. Add a color after the command like “cl_hud_color blue”. Most colors are allowed so go ahead and try some.

language – Allows you to change the language of CSGO from your client. Use it like this: “language english” to change to english language.

voice_enable 0 – If you don’t want to listen to your teammates yelling while trying to clutch, this command is very useful as it disables the voicechat. Use voice_enable 1 to hear the voicechat again.

cl_radar_always_centered – This is a very useful command allowing you to see the entire map. Without this command you usually can’t pinpoint where the enemies are but only get a sense of direction.

disconnect – Leave the server without going through the UI first.

quit – Close the game without having to go through the UI first.

Server commands

This is a list of commands useful when practicing or playing with friends on your own private server.

sv_cheats 1 – Allows you to use a new set of commands only allowed with cheats enabled. This includes

changelevel [Map code] – This allows you to launch another map directly from the console. You can use both default and custom maps. Example: “changelevel de_mirage” to change the map to Mirage.

mp_free_armor 1 – All players get full armor at the start of every round.

mp_friendlyfire 1 – Enables friendly fire.

bot_add – Spawns a bot allowing you to practice your aim against easy targets. Add a “t” or “ct” after the command to add bot to the specific team.

bot_kick – Kick the bots out of the game again.

mp_warmup_end – Ends the warmup time so you don’t have to wait around.

mp_restartgame – Restarts the match completely. Add a number behind the command to set a countdown until restart.

mp_freezetime – Sets the start of round freezetime. Set it to the number of seconds that you want to wait.

kick [name] – Kicks another player from your game.

For a list of funny commands for your own server with sv_cheats 1 enabled see this guide.

Best commands for practice in CSGO

csgo show grenade trajectory console command

There are plenty of useful commands to practice in CSGO. However many of the commands requires sv_cheats 1 to be enabled so it has to be a private server.

mp_buy_anywhere 1 – Buy a weapon anywhere on the map. Useful for training different weapons and grenades.

sv_infinite_ammo 1 – Makes practicing a much less tedious process so you don’t have to rebuy or respawn new grenades. This command gives infinite grenades and bullets.

give weapon_[weapon code name] – Gives you a specified weapon. This could for example be a deagle. Use “give weapon_deagle” to receive a deagle.

sv_showimpacts 1 – Shows bullet impacts. Useful for learning spray patterns and aim.

sv_showimpacts_time [value] – Sets the time in seconds for how long impacts should stay.

sv_showimpacts_penetration 1 – Will show if bullets penetrated a wall. Also shows a description of the shot such as material, lost damage and total damage.

sv_grenade_trajectory 1 – Command to see the trajectory of your grenades. Useful for improving grenade skills.

That’s it for this list. You should now know some of the most useful CSGO commands. Totalcsgo.com has a full list of all commands in the game with an in-depth description if you are looking for something specific.

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