Inside the clank dungeon

The Clank is a underground dungeon that mainly consists of enemies countered by poison attacks. The dungeons entrance can be hard to find again if you forgot the location. Entrance To get to the clank dungeon entrance you have to go into the mountain pass first. Once inside you willRead More →

Unlocking estate upgrades allows you to get new buildings and features for your village. It’s necessary to unlock new estates if you want to progress towards the endgame. This is a guide on how to get estate splendor points and influence in Foundation. How to get splendor points Unlike influenceRead More →

Having strong soldiers will allow you to beat harder missions, which in return gives better loot. Before joining any missions in Foundation you should train up your soldiers at home and make them ready for combat. Once they have succeeded in their missions, there is a chance that you canRead More →

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Trading is an important mechanic in Foundation. Selling can give your economy a huge boost, and buying can give you some truly needed items. This is a guide on how to set up and use trade routes in Foundation. How to set up trade routes Trading is not possible inRead More →

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Iron ores is a necessity to progress further in the game. This quick guide will tell you how to get iron ore in Foundation which is used in the process of crafting other important items and goods. How to get iron ore Other ways to get iron The only wayRead More →