Rise of Kingdoms mountain pass

It’s possible to move your city around in Rise of Kingdoms by using teleports. Most alliances requires their members to teleport over to their territory to assist with fighting and farming. This guide will show you how to use the various teleport items in the game. How to use teleportRead More →

Rise of kingdoms town

Lilith Games is giving out Rise of Kingdoms redeem codes for players once in a while. Redeem Codes are a great way to earn yourself some gifts which will give you extra resources, gems, speed boosts, Tomes of Knowledge and much more! This guide has collected all the redeem codesRead More →

Knights Guild quarter

To complete the Ultimate Ranger Challenge you need to hit almost 40 targets without missing a single one. This is practically impossible with just the basic signature attack unless you waste hours trying. There are a few tricks which will make the challenge a whole lot easier. It’s necessary toRead More →

Moletopia dungeon entrance

Moletopia is a level 9 dungeon consisting of only neutral enemies. This makes it a great dungeon to farm character quests and levels, as you can stack the enemies together and kill them with aoe attacks. The dungeons entrance is blocked by a gate, so it has to be reachedRead More →