Dota 2 wallpaper

MMR is used to determine each players skill level and decides which players are matched up together. A higher MMR score will give a better medal and the 5000 players with the highest mmr will earn a spot on the leaderboard. This article will explain everything about the ranked systemRead More →

Damaged weapon that needs repair

The weapon repair system in Dying Light 2 is very unique compared to other games. You can’t keep repairing your weapon at a vendor, so the weapon will eventually break no matter what. There is however many ways to ensure that a weapon will have a long lifespan. How toRead More →

Weapon Modifications in dying light 2

This guide explains the weapon modifications system in Dying Light 2. Weapon mods allows you to enhance your weapons with various strong effects, but not all weapons can apply mods. Higher quality weapons have higher quality sockets, which allows for a higher potential on the weapon. How to get newRead More →