Becastled – Beginners Guide

Becastled is a new early access game developed and published by Mana Potion Studios. It is a medieval base building game where the player has to defend their base against daily raids. This is a beginners guide for Becastled that will guide you how to play, make a great kingdom and manage your resources.

What is Becastled and how to play?

Start of Becastled

Becastled is a game about expanding your castle but at the same time surviving the night and maintaining your resources. You start out with nothing but a solar citizen, which is your builders/workers in the game. The very first thing you have to do is build your castle. This building should be defended at all cost, as you will lose the game if it is destroyed.

Then it’s time to expand your kingdom. Start out by getting wood, so you can afford creating buildings. Houses are important so you can increase your population and gather a workforce. With workers you can now begin making other buildings. One of the first things you should do is make sure you can maintain enough food for your population.

You can play on unlimited days if you only want to keep on expanding your base or limited days if you want the game to end and be winnable.

Game Basics

Camera controls

  • Use W,A,S,D to move the camera.
  • USE Q,E to rotate the camera.
  • Use middlemouse button to rotate camera side to side or up and down

Placing buildings

  • Select a building in the bottom and click anywhere in your own land to build it
  • Use C,V to rotate buildings
  • Use right click or ESC to cancel
  • If a building is not getting built that’s because you have no idle workers ready. You will have to remove a worker from one of your other buildings.

Assigning units

  • Left click a unit then right click a building to assign
  • Click on a building and click the shadow with a + icon to assign a random worker
  • click on a building and click a worker to dismiss them

Increase population

  • Build houses (150 wood) to gain +2 population
  • Upgrade houses (15-20 stone) to gain +1 popilation
  • Happiness increase spawn rate (-5 happiness will disable spawn)
  • 1 population increases food consumption by 10


  • The raid starts every night (A day lasts 6 minutes)
  • The raiders will get stronger each night

Expanding the castle

How to expand borders

To expand your borders you need to click on a tile next to one of your owned tiles. This will allow you to capture the tile for a set price. It will also show you any resources and stats of that tile.

Tile is occupied by wolves what to do?

To capture a tile occupied by wolves you need to attack them with your soldiers and destroy their Wolf Den.

How to get food

Becastled food tiles
Food tiles marked with a circle

There are 4 buildings that produce food

  • Farm
  • Field
  • Fisherman’s Hut
  • Hunter’s Hut

To place one of the buildings you need to own a tile that has the resource requirement. A hunter’s hut for example will need deer or boars on the tile. There is a maximum of one food building on each tile and they will produce +80 food if both work slots are filled. These tiles will also give you 1 special resource which allows you to build 1 market each.

How to get sunstone

Becastled sunstone markets

Sunstone is an important resource as it’s used to recruit and maintain your army. If you run out of sunstone all of your soldiers will slowly die. Sunstone is also used to create siege engines.

There are multiple ways to earn sunstone

  • Markets (sells special items like skins from deer)
  • Treasure (gives income for each production building you own)
  • Sunstone Workshop (Place max 1 in a tile with
  • Destroy wolf dens (+300 sunstone)

Building resources

Stone quarry to harvest stone in Becastled
Stone quarry next to a stone tile

You need stone and wood to create buildings throughout the game. Wood is primarily used to build normal buildings and stone is used to upgrade them. Stone is also good to create strong walls and towers for a great defense against raids.

To get stone you need to find a tile with stones on it. Then build a Stone Quarry to harvest it. Max 1 stone quarry can be built per tile. To get wood you need to find tiles with wood on them and then create the sawmill. Again it’s max 1 building built per tile.

That’s it for this Becastled beginner’s guide. Now you should be ready to defend yourself against raids and make it through a few more days. Find Becastled on Steam.

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