Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – How to Start a Kingdom

Creating your own kingdom is a good way to become a more powerful individual in the realm. It will allow you to get more fiefs and make use of the ruler policies in the kingdom. As a ruler you will also be able to take all the decisions for the kingdom. This is a quick guide on how to start a kingdom in Bannerlord.

How to create your own kingdom

start a kingdom screen in Bannerlord
Create a kingdom button in Bannerlord

Create a kingdom step-by-step

  • Open clan menu [L]
  • Click create kingdom in the upper-right corner
  • Choose a culture for your kingdom. (the decision is final)
  • Choose up to 4 policies for your kingdom.
  • You are now the ruler of your own kingdom.

Note: The 1.7.0 beta is bugged, so the only way to create a kingdom is by talking to the governor in one of your settlements.


There are some requirements before you can create your own kingdom. Your clan needs to be at least level 3. You also need to own a fief if your clan is level 3. However it can be quite hard to siege a castle against a whole faction as a lone lord. There are three ways to go ahead with this.

Join another faction first as a vassal

The easiest way is by joining another faction as a vassal and play until they have granted you a fief. You can then leave the faction and choose to keep ownership of your fiefs. This will make you in bad standing with the faction and they will declare war on you. You will also lose relations with most of the clan leaders from the faction.

Siege a castle all by yourself

I don’t recommend this method as you will most likely not succeed. The enemy faction will create a huge army and come for you before you can even conquer the castle. Even if you succeed you don’t have time to gather a big party or garrison as they will keep harassing you. If you go for this method I recommend attacking the weakest faction. Even better if they are part of many wars so they will have smaller focus on you.

Buy a settlement

If you are doing a trader playthrough you can unlock the perk called “Everything has a price” at level 300. This perk allows you to buy fiefs from enemy lords. As you are a trader you should have a lot of money if you have managed to get level 300 trade skill. It’s not a cheap pleasure to buy a fief from a lord. It will usually cost hundreds of thousands of denars just to buy one fief. You can also persuade lords to join your kingdom by bartering with them.

Do i need to do the “Investigate ‘Neretzes’ Folly before I can create a kingdom?

At the first release of Bannerlord you needed to do the main quest of the game to create a kingdom. However they quickly made it possible to create a kingdom independent of the Neretzes Folly quest.

Tips before starting a kingdom

Town garrison in Bannerlord

Increase your fiefs power

Start the game out by deciding which town/castles you want to capture later. Then spend your time increasing your relationships with the notables in those settlements. You should also increase the notables power level so you can recruit stronger troops. A high power level allows you to recruit elite troops and up tier 5 troops directly from the recruiter. This will allow you to sustain your army even in a though period of war. Do all of this from the beginning of the game before you are the settlement owner.

If you are a vassal of another faction you should upgrade your towns/castles buildings before leaving their faction and starting your own.

Maintain a huge garrison

If you are a vassal before creating a kingdom you should create a big garrison consisting of mainly high tier units. This makes it impossible for the enemy to siege your castle when you for independence. You can also take units out of the garrison if you want a stronger party for winning an important fight. After declaring independence it will be though to get enough new troops for your garrison as you are constantly in wars.

Keep a lot of money in stock

Its a good idea to earn a lot of money in Bannerlord before you start your own kingdom because wars can be expensive and dragged-out. You should also get some good gear for you and your companions before starting your own kingdom. Investing in workshops or caravans while at peace is also a good practice to have some sustained income later on when you are constantly fighting wars.

Increase relations with other lords

It’s a good idea to get good relationships with other lords before creating a kingdom as you most likely don’t have time for that stuff afterwards. A good relationship allows an easier process of recruiting that lords clan for your kingdom in the future.

That’s it for this guide. You should now know how to start a kingdom in Bannerlord. Read the Complete Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Guide.

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