Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – How to Marry and Have Children

At some point you might want to run away from the violent ways of the game and settle down for a peaceful life instead. It is also necessary to start a family life if you want to continue your legacy in the realm. This guide will show you how to marry and get children in Bannerlord.

This guide is a part of the complete Bannerlord guide covering most of frequently asked questions for the game.

How to get married

Flirt dialogue in bannerlord
Flirt dialogue

First of all you need to find a person you want to marry. It should be someone close to you as marrying a person from an enemy faction will make the whole process a lot harder. You can go to the in-game encyclopedia to find a woman/man you like or you can try your luck in a random towns lord’s hall. You can also find their current position in the encyclopedia. The steps to marry a character are as follows:

  1. Find a man/woman you want to marry and go to her
  2. Profess yourself as an admirer
  3. Wait for a while until she wants to see you again
  4. Talk/flirt with her again
  5. Propose to get married
  6. Obtain their lieges approval
  7. That’s it. Congratulations!

How to have children

Now that you are married it must be about time to have a child together so that you can get an heir to the throne. To get a child together you have to make her enter your party as a companion. Or if you don’t want to risk her safety you can wait at a fief that she is also currently staying at.

After a while of being together with her, you will receive a notification that she has become pregnant. She can still fight while pregnant but if she dies the child also dies. After a few seasons you will receive another notification that the child has been born. The child can’t fight until he is a teenager. It is important to take him into your party once he is of the right age as it will increase his stats.

Once your main character dies you will take over as your heir. That is why it is so important to have an heir.

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