Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – How to Increase Party Size

You need a big army to start conquering the realm. But how do you actually get a bigger army when there is a cap on the party size? This guide will show you all the ways to increase party size in Bannerlord.

This guide is a part of the complete Bannerlord guide covering most of frequently asked questions for the game.

Level up clan

Leveling up your clan is one of the best ways to increase your party size. Each level will allow you to recruit addition troops into your party. To increase your clan to level 1 you need both renown, denars, a companion and an army of at least 20 troops. After level 1 you only need renown to increase your clans level.

Tier 1: 50 renown is required to reach the first tier clan. A tier 1 clan unlocks:

  • Companion limit +1
  • Party size +25
  • Become mercenary

Tier 2: 150 renown is required to become a tier 2 clan. It unlocks:

  • Clan party +1 (You can make a companion lead their own army)
  • Companion limit +1
  • Additional Party size for everyone in the clan +15
  • Become a vassal

Tier 3: 350 renown is required for tier 3. It unlocks:

  • Clan party +1
  • Companion limit +1
  • Additional Party size for everyone in the clan +15
  • Create a kingdom

Tier 4: 900 renown required for tier 4. It unlocks:

  • Clan party +1
  • Companion limit +1
  • Additional Party size for everyone in the clan +15

Tier 5: 2.350 renown required for tier 5. It unlocks:

  • Companion limit +1
  • Additional Party size for everyone in the clan +15

Increasing your clan to tier 5 will give you a total of 85 additional party size. We have a guide on how to earn renown fast.

Increase stewardship level

Stewardship skill tree in Bannerlord
Stewardship skill tree

Increasing your stewardship will also passively increase your party-size limit. Each level will increase your maximum party size by +0.25. However you need to select the quartermaster role for your character in the clan tab. There are also a lot of stewardship perks who will make you manage your party better. The perks include:

  • Lower party wages
  • Lower food consumption
  • Passive xp gain for troops
  • Lower recruitment cost
  • Increase your party morale
  • Lower upgrade costs
  • More carrying capacity
  • And much more!

So increasing your stewardship is a very good idea if you want to manage a big party.

How to level up stewardship

You don’t need to do much manually to upgrade your steward skill. It will pretty much upgrade itself passively as time passes. They ways to upgrade the skill is by doing the following:

  • Gain party morale from food variety (Buy a lot of different food for your inventory to increase faster)
  • Improve settlement prosperity and build projects.
  • Spend time in your settlements (Use the wait feature in towns/villages)

Other ways to increase party size

There are a few perks in other skill-trees that also increase your party size.

  • Leader of the Masses (Leadership 150) – Increase party size by +5 for each town under your control.
  • Ultimate Leader (Leadership 275) – Every skill increase after 250 gives you +1 party size.
  • Horde Leader (Tactics 75) – +10 Party size

There are also some kingdom policies which will increase your party sizes by a huge margin.

  • Royal Guard policy will increase the rulers party size by +60.
  • Noble Retinues policy will increase party size by +40 if you are tier 5+.

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