Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – Increase Notables Power Level

It is important to maintain and upgrade your own fiefs. One of they ways to improve your towns and villages is by increasing your notables power levels. The power level decides how strong the NPC in your fief is. This guide will tell you what a notables power level is and how to increase it in Bannerlord.

What does NPC power level do?

troops recruitment screen
Recruitment screen troops. (Image 1)

Many think that they need strong relationships with notables to get stronger troops in the recruitment screen, but what you actually need is for the notables to get a higher power level.

In image 1 you can see that Lamenon the Silversmith has a high power level of 263 making his power become Powerful. I also have a relationship of 62 with him which unlocks all the recruitment slots.

With a power level of 263 he allows me to recruit much greater units – two tier 2 troops, two tier 3 troops and one tier 4 troop which is very good compared to the usual recruitment screen. Stonehead Joron has a negative power level of -50 which allows him to only sell tier 1 troops. Note that I also have a very good relationship with him unlocking all the slots but not stronger troops.

Having a power level of 200 or higher increases your chances of seeing noble recruits. The noble recruits have a completely different upgrade branch, and are much stronger than regular recruits.. Each faction has their own nobles which can be upgraded into a different elite unit.

How to increase the notables power level

notable power in village

Daily change

NPC’s power levels increases or deteriorates over time in relation to how the gang or village/town is doing. However this change is very small so don’t count on it. If any notables has any outstanding issues (quests) their power level will still decrease over time even if they are in a prosperous town.

Doing missions

Completing quests given by the notables is the best and most reliable way to increase their power level. Some quests are better than others and some don’t even increase the level. Following is a list of the power level gains from different quests in villages and towns:


  • Extortion By Deserters – 15 power increase
  • Train Troops – 10 power increase
  • *village* Needs Seed Grain – 10 power increase
  • Deliver Herd – 5 power increase
  • The Art of the Trade – No power increase
  • Inn and Out – No Power Increase


  • Army of Poachers – 30 power increase
  • Overpriced Raw Materials – 10 power increase
  • Rival Gang Moving In – 10 power increase (Won’t reduce the other gangs power)
  • Escort Merchant Caravan – 10 power increase
  • Caravan Ambush – No power increase

That’s it for this guide. You should now successfully know what a notables power level is and how to increase it in Bannerlord. Read the Complete Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Guide.

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