Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – Best Ways to Make Money

Making money in Bannerlord is important because it will help making you a stronger lord. You can maintain a bigger army, buy better gear and haggle with enemy lords. It also allows you to invest your money and earn even more denars.

This guide is a part of the complete Bannerlord guide covering most of frequently asked questions for the game.

Attack bandit armies

Loot from a small bandit army
Loot from a small bandit army

Early on in the game the best way to make money is by attacking small bandit stacks. They will give a small amount of denars directly when defeated but they also drop loot which can be sold for a good profit. It is mainly the loot that will earn you the most denars.

I killed a small bandit stack of 14 bandits which gave me 83 denars excluding the loot and then i looted items worth 258 denars and sold them afterwards in a town. I also took 4 bandits prisoner but they only got me 20 denars. So a total of 361 denars just from killing one small bandit army.

In the lategame you can earn more than 20.000 denars just from winning a battle against an enemy lord with 100+ troops. It gives a decent amount of gold in plunder but selling the loot is where the money’s at. Just make sure to use the “loot all” button.


  • Use the take all button to loot everything instantly
  • Lock the items that you don’t want to sell in your inventory and use sell all button in towns
  • We have a guide on increasing inventory space

Completing quests

Caravan Ambush quest
Caravan Ambush quest

Completing quests can be very rewarding especially in the earlygame. It is also a good way of finding stronger enemies to defeat if you are tired of chasing small bandit stacks but not quite ready to take a stand against faction armies yet.

Completing this quest gave me 979 denars + 1275 denars worth of loot. Also 400 denars worth of prisoner. So a total of 2654 denars for following a caravan for 30 seconds and killing an army of 30 enemies. It also increased my reputation with Urios the Wool Weaver from 0 to 19 allowing me to get more benefits in the town.


  • Some quests are worth your time more than others. Caravan ambush is a fast quest with a decent sized reward.
  • Some quests requires you to have a strong army.

Trading for profit

Trading for a profit
Buying oil for a profit (green price)

If you want to take the more peaceful approach to making money you should learn how the trade system works. Basically you have to buy low and sell high. When you have visited a couple of towns you can hover over the trade goods and they will show where the items can be bought for cheaper or higher. You should buy the items at the cheapest place and sell them where it’s the most expensive.

The price will be green if it’s lower than the realms average and red if it’s higher.


  • Different regions are specialised for different trade goods (e.g. furs are very cheap in Sturgia but very expensive the more south you go.)
  • Villages, Villagers and caravans also sell trade goods.
  • Use the Misc. button to only see trade goods in the shop.

Compete in tournaments

Earnings from a tournament
Earnings from a tournament

Tournaments is not only a good way to get a lot of money, but also a good way to get good gear. It can be quite hard to win tournaments if you are new to the game or in the early game because you have to come in first place to win anything. You also start out with low stats and gear if you try to compete in the early game. However if you are good at the game you can use it to boost your gear instantly. Tournaments will become as your character progresses throughout the game.

The best way to earn denars from tournaments is by placing wagers on yourself. You can place a 150 wager on yourself every round but the reward will get smaller and smaller the further you go. A tournament with max wagers placed (150×4=600) in this case will give a reward of 1455 denars. It also gives a good piece of gear. The item I won was a tier 3 armor which can be sold for 586 denars.

Spending the money

Now you have learned how to make money in Bannerlord but what about spending it? There are many

  • Buy troops, upgrade troops and expand your garrison or friendly vassals garrison.
  • Buy armor – for you and your companions.
  • Invest – in workshops or caravans or maybe both.
  • Influence people – You can use it to turn an enemy vassal into your own vassal.
  • Buy fiefs – haggle with lords.
  • Upgrade fiefs.

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