Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – How to Get War Horses For Troops

Having a strong cavalry frontline can really make a difference on the battleground. However it’s not always easy to gather enough cavalry units to make them have an actual impact. This guide will teach you how to get war horses and normal horses for troops in Bannerlord fast.

How to get horses for the troops

Horse types

Horse tags in Bannerlord
War horse tag

There are three different kinds of horse types. War horses, horses and goods carrying horses. Factions uses either war horses or normal horses for their cavalry troops. Good carrying horses are only used to increase inventory space.

War horse troops

  • Imperial Cavalry (Their noble troops upgrade into the strongest melee cavalry in the game)
  • Battanian ranged cavalry
  • Khuzait heavy ranged cavalry
  • Elite/noble cavalry

Normal horse troops

  • Mercenary cavalry
  • Aserai cavalry
  • Khuzait melee/ranged cavalry
  • Vlandian cavalry
  • Sturgian cavalry
  • Vlandian cavalry
  • Battania melee cavalry

Do better horses give different stats to your cavalry?

It doesn’t matter which horses you buy as long as they have the correct tag. A units horse has fixed stats for the troop type.

How to get normal horses and war horses fast

Village that sells horses
Village that sells horses

Buy them on markets or in villages

Horses are more common in some regions compared to others. I recommend going into Khuzait or Aserai towns as those cultures focus more on cavalry compared to the Sturgians which almost only consists of infantry. You can find more than 10 war horses at a time in Aserai towns and sometimes more than 50 normal horses in stock. This is a lot compared to the few war horses that are usual in stock in imperial towns.

A few villages also sell horses. If you see horses next to a village on the campaign map this means that they will sell horses in the villages market. They sell a decent amount of horses so if you pass by one you should enter and take a look in the horse shop.

Fight enemy factions

If you fight battles against enemy lords who use a lot of cavalry you can get a lot of free horses and war horses for yourself. When the battle is won you enter the loot screen where there will be loot in relation to the enemy troops gear. Therefore you should focus on fighting the Khuzaits or Aserais as they will usually net a lot more horses in the loot screen.

Best way to farm cavalry troops


Prisoner recruitment screen cavalry
Prisoner recruiting

A good way to get cavalry troops fast and easy is by fighting enemies with horses (Aserai and Khuzaits). Then take only the cavalry troops as prisoners and remember not to sell them. After they have been your prisoners for a while you can start to recruit them for free. This means you also don’t have to buy horses for them as they are already upgraded past that.

Noble cavalry

To get the best troops in the game you need to recruit your factions noble recruits. To do this you need a high power level of at least 200 with the notables in your villages or towns. We have a guide on how to increase your NPC’s power level. Noble recruits usually requires war horses but it’s worth it.

That’s it for this guide on how to get war horses for troops in Bannerlord. See our Complete Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord guide for more tips and tricks.

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