Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – How to Get Thamaskene Steel

Thamaskene Steel is the most valuable crafting material in the game. It is mainly used in smithing to create very powerful weapons. All tier 5 weapon parts require either Fine Steel or Thamaskene Steel. There are only two ways to obtain Thamaskene Steel in Bannerlord.

This guide is a part of the complete Bannerlord guide covering most of the frequently asked questions for the game.

How to get Thamaskene Steel

Fight gang thugs in towns

Gang location in town
Gang location

Find a gang

To fight gangs you have to enter a town and then walk over to one of the gang locations. There are multiple gang locations. It will either be called Clearing, Waterfront or Backstreet.

Confront them

When you arrive there you should confront the Master Thug and say “I’m just having a look, do you mind?”. Then select one of the provoking choices and they will attack you. When the thugs have been slain you will be sent back to the town menu. Select YES when it asks whether you want to stay and make sure others don’t claim it.

Fight the gang leader and his crew

After you are finished waiting for the enemy gang to reinforce you will have a dialogue with the gang leader. You still have a chance to back out but you should choose to confront them.

Get the loot

get Thamaskene Steel in gang reward screen
Thamaskene Steel reward

After you win the fight you will receive loot like any other battle. There should usually be some Thamaskene Steel in there but it doesn’t always drop.


  • Will reduce your reputation with the confronted gang leader by a little
  • Will increase reputation with every other notable in the town by a lot
  • You can change your civil clothing gear to be stronger in towns
  • Your companions will accompany you into towns

Get the perk

Steel Maker 3 Smithing Skill perk
Steel Maker 3 Perk

The more consistent way to get Thamaskene Steel is by leveling smithing up to level 100. This will allow you to pick the perk called “Steel Maker 3”, which allows you to refne two units of Fine Steel into one unit of Thamaskene Steel. In addition to this you will also get one unit of Crude Iron as a by-product. When you have selected the perk just head into the smithy and go to the refine screen.

Now that you know how to get Thamaskene Steel in Bannerlord you can go ahead and craft some legendary weapons. Enjoy!

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