Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – How to Get Charcoal for Smithing

Charcoal is a material needed for smithing. It’s not possible to smelt, forge or refine without using charcoal in the process. This is a small guide on how to obtain charcoal in Bannerlord.

Get Charcoal in Bannerlord

1. Buy hardwood

get charcoal in towns in bannerlord
Town market with hardwood

Before you can make coal you need hardwood. Hardwood can be bought in towns and villages. Prices varies heavily based on which region you are in on the map. If you raid caravans or fight town bandits you might also be able to loot hardwood directly after battle.

2. Refine hardwood into charcoal

Refine hardwood into charcoal in bannerlord
Refine materials tab

Once you have obtained the charcoal you have to head into a town. In the town you shall enter the smithy. Once you are in there head to the refine tab. Then click on refine 2x hardwood into 1x charcoal. The refine button is in the bottom left corner.

3. Smelt hardwood

Smelt weapons tab in Bannerlord
Smelt weapons tab

Another great way to get hardwood is by smelting down wooden weapons. However you need charcoal first before you can smelt down weapons so you need to start out by buying some hardwood from the market anyways.

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