Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – How to Execute a Prisoner and When to Do It

You can weaken your enemy factions forces by killing off some of their lords. Or maybe you just want to take out a specific lord that has been bothering you throughout the game. Learn how to execute a prisoner in Bannerlord.

This guide is a part of the complete Bannerlord guide covering most of frequently asked questions for the game.

Pros and cons of executing prisoners

There are some things you need to take into consideration before executing an enemy lord as there are a lot of downsides and upsides to doing it.


Killing off an enemy lord will weaken the enemy faction as they have lost a vassal. So if you really need to turn the war into your favor, an execution should be considered. Especially against the stronger lords.

Get rid of a lord that is pissing you off. If you don’t want to ever see him again you might as well execute him and make an example of him to show other lords that you are not to be messed around with.


It is frowned upon to kill noble lords and many nobles will have their relationship decreased with you by A LOT. And it’s not just a few nobles. You might lose relationships with more than 20 nobles at a time. It is quite hard to work your way back into a good relationship with them again. You will lose up to 60 relationship points, which can vary from the other lords relationship with the prisoner.

You also lose relationship with many recruiters which makes it very though to establish an army and expand your kingdom. On the other hand you could always go for the “Force villagers to give troops” option if you are being a cruel lord anyways.

You also might not want to execute too many prisoners as the game is not very balanced at the moment and executing a whole clan might severely disturb the flow of the game.


It’s alright to execute a few prisoners if you don’t mind the consequences, but don’t overdo it as it will completely ruin your relationships with lords and recruiters. It might also ruin the balance of the game.

How to execute prisoners

Execute prisoner menu
Execute prisoner tab

First you need to beat an enemy lord in battle. When a battle is won you will get 2 choices – Free the lord or imprison them. You want to go for the imprisoning option if you want to execute the lord. Follow these steps to execute a prisoner:

On the campaign map

  1. Open party (P).
  2. Scroll down to prisoners and find the lord.
  3. Click on the lord and then the red button saying “Execute Prisoner”.
  4. Hover over the execute button and it will show a list of the relationship changes if you go on with it.
  5. Execute him and let his head roll.

In the settlement

  1. Enter your castle/town.
  2. Select “Go to the dungeon”.
  3. Select “Manage prisoners”.
  4. Move the prisoner to your own party
  5. Click on him and then the red buton.
  6. Execute him and let his head roll.

Note that it is currently not possible to recruit prisoner lords. There is a button for it but it is greyed out. This feature might be implemented in the near future. However, if you wish to recruit a particular lord you can let them go after winning a battle against them to increase your relationship with them. This will make it easier to recruit them through dialogue the next time you meet them.

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