Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – How to Earn Renown Fast

This is a guide on how to earn renown Fast in Bannerlord. Renown is the status of your character. It shows how famous/infamous you are throughout the realm. Other lords also have their own renown and the stronger they are the more renown they will have. A king for example will have a lot of renown. You also need renown to level up your clan and unlock more possibilites.

This guide is a part of the complete Bannerlord guide covering most of frequently asked questions for the game.

Why do you need renown

Renown is used for plenty of things. Some features are locked or unavailable until you have enough renown.

Clan level

Your clan tier after level 1 is based on how much renown you have.

Tier 1: 50 renown is required to reach the first tier clan. A tier 1 clan unlocks:

  • Companion limit +1
  • Party size +25
  • Become mercenary

Tier 2: 150 renown is required to become a tier 2 clan. It unlocks:

  • Clan party +1 (You can make a companion lead their own army)
  • Companion limit +1
  • Additional Party size for everyone in the clan +15
  • Become a vassal

Tier 3: 350 renown is required for tier 3. It unlocks:

  • Clan party +1
  • Companion limit +1
  • Additional Party size for everyone in the clan +15
  • Create a kingdom

Tier 4: 900 renown required for tier 4. It unlocks:

  • Clan party +1
  • Companion limit +1
  • Additional Party size for everyone in the clan +15

Tier 5: 2.350 renown required for tier 5. It unlocks:

  • Companion limit +1
  • Additional Party size for everyone in the clan +15

How to earn renown fast

Now for the part you came for. The best ways to earn renown fast in Bannerlord. There are several ways to earn renown in the game and some work better for early-game while other works better for late-game.

Beat stronger enemies

Renown gain from battles is based on the likeness of you winning the battle based on the relative strength between the armies. The stronger they are compared to you, the more renown you will earn. There are different ways to use this information in your favor.

Renown gained from battle
This battle gave me 16.2 renown.

Small is better

Get a small army of 10-20 really strong units and go chasing bigger but weaker armies that are 40+ units. You can drop off the rest of your units in your garrison or release them. The odds for the battle will be calculated to be in the enemies favor but you should still be stronger than the enemies in a real battle. This is a really good way to earn renown and you can earn more than 10+ renown per battle won.

The best lineup would be to have a fully upgraded cavalry + horse archers but not too many or else you will not get enough renown. This is especially good against the Sturgia as they will only have infantry which means your cavalry can run around them and slowly defeat them.

Fight enemy lords

Winning against enemy lords usually give a good amount more renown than bandits. You also don’t have to spend a lot of time chasing down a few enemies but instead you will get some big battles going. If you are not at war with anyone you can go to a faction that is at war and sign up as mercenary/vassal. If you own your own kingdom you can start your own war. This tactic is better for the mid to late-game.

Win tournaments

Tournament prizes
Prizes won in a tournament

Winning tournaments gives a decent amount of renown, but also gear and denars. Winning a tournament is fast and has good rewards, but they aren’t always there. They aren’t so focused on the renown only either, so I wouldn’t recommend chasing down tournaments but if you see one when you visit a town you should absolutely go for it.

If you have the one-handed skill level 100 or higher you can take the duelist perk which makes tournaments give double up on renown.

Destroy bandit camps

Rewards from destroying bandit camp
Bandit camp rewards

Destroying bandit camps is pretty easy and they usually give a good amount of renown. Whenever you see one you should raid it to get the rewards and to open up for new bandit camp spawns which allows you to progress your scouting skill. As a bonus it also increases your reputation with nearby notables. It’s not worth it to go looking for them all the time but when you stumble upon one by accident you should take your time and attack.


Perks allows you to earn renown even faster in Bannerlord. The perks are the following:

  • Great Investor (Trade level 125) – Every profitable caravan gives you +1 renown per day.
  • Show Your Scars (Charm level 50) – 20% more renown from battles.
  • Adventure Stories (Charm level 50) – +1 for each issue resolved, meaning quests completed.
  • Duelist (one-handed level 100) – Double tournament renown.

You can see an interactive view of all Bannerlord perks on BannerlordPerks.

That’s it for this guide now you should have a good idea of how to earn renown in Bannerlord and what it is used for. So choose whichever way you want to earn your renown. It is an open world sandbox after all.

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