Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – How to Change Difficulty Level

If you find yourself in a though spot you might find yourself trying to come up with a plan on how to beat the odds. You can change up your armor, upgrade your troops or try new strategies but that might just not be enough. If you change the difficulty you will certainly skew the odds a lot more towards your favor. Or maybe it is too easy and you want a bigger challenge in Bannerlord?

This guide is a part of the complete Bannerlord guide covering most of frequently asked questions for the game.

How to change the difficulty

Diffiulty options menu
Campaign options menu

You can’t change the difficulty in mid combat but you can still do it after you have started the campaign. To change the difficulty you have to be out on the campaign map. Then press escape and click on the “Campaign Options” button. On the new screen you will have plenty new options available including:

  • Auto save interval time – disabled to 60 minutes
  • Friendly Troops Received Damage – Scales how much damage your troops take.
  • Friendly Parties Received Damage – Scales how much damage your allies troops take in battle.
  • Player Received Damage – Scales how much damage your own character takes in battle.
  • Combat AI difficulty – How well and realistic the AI fights.
  • Recruitment Difficulty – How many recruit slots are unlocked in villages and towns. Easier difficulty gives +1 each.
  • Map Movement Speed – Scales your movement speed on the map.

The menu also allows you to disable or enable notifications or the tutorial. You can also decide whether you want perks to be auto allocated to your clan members or not.

Now that you have learned how to change difficulty in Bannerlord you will hopefully be able to beat the foe.

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